If you’re watching – Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testifies on Kavanaugh

Two witnesses will be heard from; Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh’s first accuser will speak first and then will sit for questions. The Republican-majority Senate Judiciary Committee has zero women members, in fact the Republicans have never sat a woman on this critical committee. They have hired a woman to question her, as Esquire says, they want to avoid campaign ads featuring them badgering Ford. Entirely believable. After Ford is questioned, she will be escorted out and Kavanaugh will then have his turn in the hot seat. Expect nothing hardball from the Republicans. They still anticipate a Friday vote on this clearly shaky nominee. A proper FBI investigation is not planned, as one would assume should be done, given the fact that Kavanaugh’s accusers now stand at five. There may be periods of executive session.

Obviously, every news outlet is covering live. To watch online – here are some options.

Senator Cory Booker has taken his seat in the hearing, one of the newest members of Senate Judiciary, this is his first confirmation hearing. The Republicans have spent the last week trying to equate Booker’s self-confessed groping incident – touching a woman’s breast after a kiss, age 15 – with the allegations against Kavanaugh, which include drugging women for gang rape. As Chris Cillizza points out, that is ridiculous.

This just in: Sen. Chuck Grassley cannot pronounce “Ramirez”.

Christine Blasey Ford opening statement – as prepared.

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  1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    The Senate Judiciary Committee chose Arizona sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to question Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford this week. Mitchell is on leave as Dep. County Attorney in Phoenix, and Division Chief of the Special Victims Division, according to the committee. She is an expert on the investigation and prosecution of sex crimes. More on Mitchell.

    So … what happens if this questioner begins to find Dr. Blasey Ford credible?

  2. marshwren

    This was posted after the first round of questions. It was probably the high point of a GOP day filled with deep, bottomless chasms of utter darkness. The Steve Schmidt quote at the end makes for a fitting coda.

    6-to-1 Chance GOP Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell Is Actually Merrick Garland In Disguise


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