End of Summer News Roundup – Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Although the official end of Summer is not for another 17 days, the day after Labor Day marks the start of a number of annual rituals – teachers and students preparing for the start of the school year. Football. Fewer crowds at the Shore. And the start of the home stretch of the election season. And only 112 days until Christman and 870 days until the (hopeful) end of the Reign of Trump. Bill Orr compiles a list of things you may have missed over the holiday weekend.

What was Sweeney Thinking? Governor Murphy vetoes a pro-pollution bill that was railroaded through the legislature by the Senate President.

How much do shore towns make from those pesky beach badges? Raking in the big bucks.

Cleaning up the mess from a charter school, Trenton’s Public Schools step in.

While the Kavanaugh bandwagon rolls on, will Senator Booker use it to springboard his national reputation?

This is “blue” New Jersey? Hudson County Freeholders renew their contract to run some of Trump’s prison camps, with a rushed vote of the Freeholder Board.

Stressing the “Affordable” in the Affordable Care Act: Obamacare premiums may go down in New Jersey next year.

It won’t stop school shootings, But Metuchen will have a prayer rally for school children

Speaking of schools: Valuing the merits of play time

No oversight. Borough hires armed guards for school without performing background checks.

Balloons or plastic bags? Should Asbury Park ban both?

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