CD11: Joe Biden in New Jersey for Mikie Sherrill

I’m in a noisy public place so I haven’t been able to watch this yet, but wanted to flag it for you soon as I got it. Joe Biden was in New Jersey for Mikie Sherrill today, a public rally at Montclair State University this afternoon. Uncle Joe looks like he’s polishing up for a 2020 run, boys and girls. Cook’s rates CD11 as Lean Democraticwith Rodney Frelinghuysen abandoning the seat in the face of a vibrant Dem primary (won by Sherrill) and a focused grassroots presence from NJ 11th for Change, many of whose members were in the audience today.
Thanks to Mikie Sherrill’s campaign for the video. It’s about 36 minutes. Use the volume slider bottom right of the video to unmute. 

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  1. Ken T

    I was there. Phil Murphy did a great job of warming up the crowd – he may not have been my first choice during the primaries, but I have to hand it to him – his energy and enthusiasm are hard to top. John Currie gave a shoutout to the whole NJ congressional slate – no question Kim and Malinowski got the most enthusiastic applause (after Mikie, of course); Van Drew, not so much.

    Mikie and Biden came out on stage together. Mikie spoke first, did a great job of telling about her background, then moving on to the issues that she is fighting for. After 20 years of Rodney, I am thrilled to have someone I can be excited about who I think really has a good chance to win. Then it was Joe’s turn. Wow. What a great, inspirational speaker. His focus was on the big picture of what is at stake in this election – not so much the individual issues but the fight for the very soul of the country. He is clearly enraged by the way Trump and his supporters are tearing apart the social fabric of the country. The man can throw out some gut punches. One could almost accuse him of upstaging Mikie at her own rally, but he never forgot to circle back to say “and this is why we need new leaders like her to bring us back on track”.

    All in all, a great inspiring afternoon. And best of all, graybeards like me were distinctly in the minority. LOTS of young folks getting ready to take on the world.

  2. Ellen K Olivieri

    I was there! It was a great rally! I’m so glad I was able to attend! All the speakers did a wonderful job! I was surprised Governor Murpjy was there! It was an honor to hear him speak! Mikie is amazing and I’m doing everything I can to help her get elected! She will make an outstanding Congresswoman! Joe Biden is such an inspirational Speaker! I was trying so hard to get close enough after their speeches to shake his hand! Maybe, next time!They all stayed, at least half an hour shaking hands and signing posters and books etc. Walking back to my car, across the beautiful Montclair Campus, this 70 year old, retired Teacher and Grandma was filled with hope and a sense of joy! I felt 15-20 years younger! It was a great day! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️


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