Weekend News Roundup for Aug. 18-19, 2018

New Jersey is getting a $10M grant to upgrade voting machines. Here’s what we’re spending it on.

Tom Moran doesn’t seem to understand why progressives don’t like Steve Sweeney, and aren’t backing his spending cuts. Maybe we should have that convo after passing a real millionaire’s tax and aren’t forking over hot millions to Norcross’ business pals, Sweeney’s benefactor.

How completely bizarre it would be if an Apprentice contestant was part of taking Trump down. This is what happens when you call a woman a dog. Omarosa has audio, video apparently, and opinions. Says Trump’s mental/physical decline is from too much Diet Coke. She also confirms he has a tanning bed in the residence, which he takes time to use every day. And owns two handguns.

This Washington Post piece on how Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter live. If you haven’t already, please just read it.

Remember when Rep. Leonard Lance was one of only two House Republicans who opposed allowing mentally incompetent veterans to buy guns? Gabby Giffords’ gun-sense group endorsed Lance this week and people are not OK with that. Aaaaaaaand now they’ve endorsed their 2nd NJ Republican, Rep. Chris Smith

Pass the SALT: NJ needs to play catch up on a working SALT charitable contribution

Withdrawing from Monroe (Gloucester) school board race: candidate Rick Jankowski, who called black people “animals” and “fucking monkeys”

Is this getting to you? 11 ways Cory Booker is wooing progressives as he eyes a run for president in 2020

Kids in Akbar Cook’s Newark high school use to get bullied because their school clothes had to go unwashed. So Principal Cook went out and found a solution.

South Jersey school officials talk consolidation after Sweeney report urges it

This is going to make that final walk mighty awkward. I might just have to watch. Miss America Cara Mund slams the organization that crowned her, says she’s being bullied. And it sounds like she might have a case. The pageant is Sept. 9th and a growing list of former Miss Americas want the current leadership removed before that date.

Rehab on Route 495 is going to take 30 months

I cannot understand Catholics tolerating this or the church that’s protecting it. The wide-ranging report from a Pennsylvania grand jury exposing the long-hidden secrets of predator priests is sparking calls for a similar accounting in New Jersey.

Tom Moran: Rape, celibacy, and Cardinal Tobin’s challenge in Newark

Republican councilman who endorsed Mikie Sherrill is now considering a run for mayor in Rockaway Twp, where the unexpected death of Mayor Michael Dachisen will create a special election. That would put him on the ballot with Jay Webber, who is running against Sherrill

Uh, nope. Here are all the stunning ways NJ Republicans lost U.S. Senate races over 40 years. Can they win this fall?

Mr. President, I’m a DACA recipient. Please don’t use me as a brick in your Wall. By 20-year-old double major college student at Rutgers-Camden Alma Aparicio

Amani Toomer: Former New York New Jersey Giants star wants to open a medical marijuana facility in NJ

Comments (3)

  1. vmars

    Gun control, environmental, economic rights and civil rights groups that endorse Republicans are working against their missions solely because those Republicans will vote for House (Assembly) Speakers and Senate Presidents who will not move any meaningful gun control, environmental, economic rights and civil rights legislation.

    The only way to have anything move in a positive way is to have Democrats in control, and these endorsements for “bipartisan” cred are nonsense and donors to these groups should demand that they stop endorsing Republicans until the GOP allows votes on these issues.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      These two decisions by Giffords (endorsing Lance & Smith) and Moms Demand Action’s decision to bestow recognition as a “Gun Sense Candidate” to Jeff Van Drew and his 100% NRA rating, suggest to me that these establishment, platinum gun control orgs have either lost their way, or gotten hopelessly sloppy. That’s may be particularly true of Moms Demand Action, whose national leader & founder Shannon Watts not only didn’t answer questions about their process and why they were helping Van Drew, she blocked several entities asking. Including us.

      I don’t know that the young leadership emerging from high school students – led by Parkland students, and reflected in NJ too – is well-funded enough or even possessed of the time necessary, to take point on this issue. But they sure do seem to have their heads screwed on straight, compared to Moms Demand Action and Giffords right now.

  2. michael Petti

    Cory Booker never responded to two letters I sent him regarding issues. Every other politician I wrote to about issues responded by postal mail or email. I will remember this at the ballot box.


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