Weekend News Roundup for Aug. 11-12, 2018

Because it’s SUN-day: Humanity launches its first space visit to a star, and it’s our own. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe launched 3:31am to the Sun’s corona. Venus’s gravity will help get us there, but arrival to the corona 3.9 million miles from the star’s surface won’t be till 2024.

Trump VP Mike Pence was here over the weekend to fundraise for the cash-starved campaign of Jay Webber, former state Republican chair, who’s running against Mikie Sherrill in CD11. Location details, always secretive, had protesters showing up to a Union County golf course where there was no Pence, no Webber. They ended up protesting in Bedminster. But it turns out Pence was at a private home in Morris Township.

Star-Ledger calls Jay Webber a liarfor what he claims about Sen. Menendez & Mikie Sherrill 

No serious injuries, thank goodness. Bus carrying 32 families attending a picnic sponsored by Newark Mayor Ras Baraka turns over on the NJ Turnpike.

How did Trump, vacationing in Bedminster, observe the first anniversary of the deadly white supremacist melee in Charlottesville? He tweeted.

The Kushners needed a bailout for Jared’s bad bet in NY, but still have a full portfolio in Jersey

Not New Jersey, but YES. Michael Brown’s mother Lezley McSpadden, is running for council in Ferguson, MO.

Hey New Jersey’s 400,000 vets, guess what? 3 of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago cronies are running America’s policies toward veterans. Are they vets? Nope? Qualifications? Nope. Transparency? Accountability? Nope, nope.

Do you think the Electoral College is un-democratic? So do these three guys, and they may have the chops to do something about it.

When a Trump backer tells you the economy is great. Worker paychecks declined in July, when accounting for inflation

Our suburban state: Tilting the balance

Jersey Journal takes not of Esquire reprinting their 1968 Q&A with James Baldwin. Read that Q&A here. Thanks, Jersey Journal.

Mandatory school recess is now law in NJ

September 4Date set for SCOTUS confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shuts down Ben Shapiro. And a lot of women are cheering how she did it.

Idiot. Marco Rubio family leave plan would ask new parents to pick between retirement or maternity leave

Photo: Bill Ingalls, NASA. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe launch, Sunday, August 12, 2018

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