‘We are putting out a damn paper tomorrow” Journalists stand up against Donald Trump propaganda

The tee shirts read:

‘We are putting out a damn paper tomorrow” — said by a Capital Gazette reporter Chase Cook after an angry man walked into the newsroom in June and shot five of his colleagues dead.

The photo is from my friend Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Kevin Riordan; shot by his colleague, staff photographer Michael Bryant. The statement is one of solidarity with the Cap Gazette staff and journalists everywhere, as newsroom budgets and staffs shrink and Republicans turn against the purveyors of information, egged on by a president whose political life depends on you not believing credible reporting, that it’s journalists who are the liars, not him.

The Photo’s occasion was a new newsroom for the combined editorial staffs of the Inky, Philadelphia Daily News and philly.com. Three separate newsrooms now one reconfigured workspace, with facilities for the digital output that is journalism’s platform of the future. These are the people who churn out the daily news many people in South Jersey depend on. I take the photo as not only solidarity but pride in a valuable profession under financial siege, essential always but desperately needed now to help separate the truth from bullshit. And defiance too, in the face of skillful propaganda by those deploying said bullshit to discredit journalism with the same methods they use to discredit science, and fact itself. [Yeah, we see you South Jersey’s Kellyanne Conway].

Kellyanne’s boss Mr. Trump recently called the press ‘the enemy of the people.’ Straight out of the fascist handbook. About 350 papers answered him, all the same day. Trump doubled down, saying on Fox & Friends that 80% of what’s written about him is “fake news.”  We’ll hear that more, as investigations get closer to implicating him. Translation: Don’t believe the news, believe me. Many Trump supporters do exactly that, even as evidence accumulates.

Despite Trump’s voodoo hold on some of us, a new Poynter Media Trust Survey has encouraging news, finding 76% of Americans across the political spectrum have ‘a great deal’ or ‘a fair amount’ of trust in their local TV news, and 73% have confidence in local newspapers. That contrasts with 55% trust in national network news, 59% in national newspapers and 47% in online-only news outlets. That local TV news number surprises me; I haven’t watched much local news in years, except NJ political analysis shows. It’s the national coverage Trump fears most, agitating his low-info voters, convincing them the press is against them, cheating them, out to ruin everything that’s good. No wonder some of his fans are taking that hate to the next level.

Distrusting, even threatening this who work in the profession. Here are two more things, short(ish) and worth your read:
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