TODAY: Menendez & Booker – Tele-Town Hall on GOP Tax Cut

We don’t often have access to both our U.S. senators at the same time. Just flagging this for you, as the GOP tax cut, amounting to a windfall bonus for those already doing well financially, is going to be a huge issue in November. For those of you living in Tom MacArthur Land, there may be a special focus on your congressman tonight. Details:

#WeCouldHave Tele-Town Hall 
When: TODAY 5:30-6:30pm
What: Discussion of what the $2.3 trillion GOP tax cut is costing New Jersey – in terms of what the government won’t be able to invest in – including critical transportation infrastructure repair and expanding mass transit that New Jersey’s commuting workers and families have to rely on, repairing NJ schools, and health care funding.
Who: Senators Bob Menendez & Cory Booker, plus Working Families’ Analilia Mejia, ATU’s Ray Greaves, Environment New Jersey’s Doug O’Malley, Millions of Jobs’ James Hopkins
Focus: Rep. Tom MacArthur supported the GOP tax cut. Call participants will hear from New Jersey voters including many in Ocean & Burlington counties in MacArthur’s CD3. Note: The call is open to all voters, and this affects all of us. 
#WeCouldHave: The senators, experts and advocates will discuss what  invested in instead of a tax giveaway to the very wealthy
Questions: There will be an opportunity for questions from call participants at home
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