“On the road again” – crawling through traffic  

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  • “Here we go, on the road again
  • Like a band of Gypsies we go down the highway
  • We’re the best of friends
  • Insisting that the world keep turnin’ our way ” –
  • Willie Nelson –On the Road Again

There are plenty of nostalgic songs about the magic of driving, expecting “the world keep turning our way.” In a state bisected and defined by highways we are learning a bitter lesson.

Route 495 east toward the Lincoln Tunnel on the first day of closure – Ed Murray | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

The corrosion below the 495 span, where two lanes will be closed for 2½ years or longer “could have been avoided with preventive maintenance,” said agency consultant Sam Schwartz. He goes on to add, “If we didn’t wait until this condition [developed], you could do a lot of that at night and not inconvenience as many people.”

Substantial blame goes to former Governor Christie, but also to some of his predecessors and past legislatures. Maintenance is not considered sexy and too often postponed. The American Society of Civil Engineers rates our Bridges D+, Dams D, roads D+ and Transit D-. 

To understand the issues further, read Will Lincoln Tunnel backups from Route 495 project be the last straw for car commuters?Your Lincoln Tunnel commuting nightmare starts Monday. Here’s how to survive10 road projects that will complicate N.J. life in 2018. 

NJ Transit Executive Director Kevin Corbett and Department of Transportation Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti testifying in the Legislature (Photo: Amy Newman/ NorthJersey.com)

The burden, like it or not, is now on the Murphy administration and the Legislature. There is insufficient support so far from the White House and Congress. The burden is made even heavier by our need for Gateway, a new NYC Midtown Bus Terminal, and an extension of the Hudson Bergen Light Rail line. NJ Department of Transportation Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti recently told the Legislature, “If we want to restore our infrastructure to what it should be, we’re all going to have to take a deep breath and be patient.”  – that plus find truck-loads of money.  



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