News Roundup for Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018

This photo of Cory Booker holding a pro-Palestine sign at Netroots Nation in NOLA.


OHIO-12 Special Election: Too close to call. Balderson up by .9%, will probably win, but this is a  district where Trump won handily, and even an almost-win shows great Dem strides.

Michigan Gov: Hillary-aligned Gretchen Whitmer over Bernie-aligned Abdul el-Sayed, with a weird spoiler situation. Also: ACLU investigating reports of ballot shortages throughout Michigan.

Michigan CD13 projection: Rashida Tlaib – Will likely be the first Muslim woman in history to win a seat in Congress. Tlaib, who was also the first Muslim in Michigan’s legislature, is projected to win her primary for a seat that will stay blue in Nov. She is Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage for Michigan, pro-union.

Wesley Bell wins County Prosecutor St. Louis County: Bell is a criminal justice advocate who was elected to Ferguson City Council after the corrupt trial of police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. Now he has just defeated the county prosecutor who mishandled that case. Huge victory for Black Lives Matter.

Missouri voters reject Prop A: That means voters just killed Right to Work in conservative Missouri.

Kansas GOP Primary: Too close to call. Incumbent Gov Colyer leads Trump-endorsed Kobach, and it would embarrass Trump if Kolbach lost; he endorsed him the day before election.

Kansas state: A progressive resurgence is happening in deep-red Kansas. A state emblematic for conservatism may be shifting direction. In a Kansas City-area House primary, Sanders-aligned Brent Welder is ahead in a close race.

New Jersey still has $1.4 Billion in unspent Sandy recovery funding

Family planning services in NJ at risk from federal Title X cutbacks

Cory Booker claims he didn’t know he held a pro-Palestine sign. New details cast doubt on his denialNow Booker is being urged to make a statement against the movement to boycott and sanction Israel

Ordinance issues, neighbor issues: Town forces adorable curbside library behind fence after neighbor’s novel reason for calling cops

Darnell Moore’s book: Memoir captures what it’s like growing up poor, gay, black in Camden

Protesters show up outside Hugin fundraiser in Bergen County

Menendez meets with county chairs: Closed-door strategy session

Tom Moran’s take on Menendez’ attack on Hugin cancer drug pricing: “a silly game of political spitball” and unfair

Donald Trump’s smashed Hollywood star: West Hollywood city council unanimously approves resolution to remove Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his treatment of women and other actions. But it might not happen.

No difference at all between Republicans and Democrats, you say? EPA is now allowing asbestos back into manufacturing

Denville activist uses OPRA to get emails between Morris County Sheriff James Gannon and GOP Jay Webber’s House campaign, says Gannon is violating state ethics law using his official position to promote Webber as candidate

NJ is slashing state funding for 172 school districts. Can they survive?

NJ hospitals facing a doctor shortage soon. Here’s why it’s Washington’s fault

Murphy, Obama recognized by group that honors one of the governor’s political heroes

Fresh hell for commuters: NJ Transit’s service cuts as they push to meet PTS (Positive Train Control) safety deadline

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