News Roundup for Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018

Hugin’s ‘Democrat’

(Apparently) from Bernie Sanders to Bob Hugin – in 2 years. Dedication? Or opportunism? Dem Jim Fozman casts his lot with the U.S. Senate candidate who will support Trump, the GOP agenda, Trump judges.

A couple dozen hours or so after Dem councilman Jim Fozman endorses Bob Hugin, he switches parties to GOP


John McCain’s desk in the Senate was draped in black and decorated with white roses. McCain’s message, written just before his death, criticizes Donald Trump, without having to name him, for fanning the flames of “tribal rivalries” and hiding “behind walls.” Btw, here’s how the Yankees honored McCain.

50 years since the 1968 DNC protests in Chicago. Democracy Now talks with organizers Bobby Seals, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. 


The bad news: California Republican Duncan Hunter, indicted for using campaign funds to support a luxury lifestyle for xhimself, is still up 8 points via poll. The good news: Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum, endorsed by many progressive orgs, wins the Democratic nomination for Gov in Florida. If he wins in November, he will be the first black governor in Florida’s history – and he’s a Bernie guy now running against Trump-endorsed Ron DeSantis. Bonus: David Garcia won – read about him here and here – he’s the Arizona Gov, Dem nominee, backing Medicare for All, green energy jobs and strong unions.

CD11: Jay Webber releases first ad. He wants you to know he’s got a wife and 7 kids.

CD7: Leonard Lance is also out with an ad. The congressman, who junked his NJ legislature record of standing up against his party to become in Congress a reliable Republican vote, is predictably trying to see voters the idea he’s “bipartisan.”

Local New Jersey

I’ve waited years to write this headline: There’s a fungus among us in Flemington-Raritan schools

Fred Snowflack chronicles Sen. Ronald Rice’s well-meaning, but misplaced (my opinion) battle against legalizing marijuana

Ledger editorial: Ban the bags: Plastic is the enemy of the people

A referendum will now be on your November ballot asking if you want to approve the state borrowing $500M to pay for a series of public school projects after Gov. Murphy reduced the figure by half.

Oh no he didn’t. Tell me Gov. Murphy didn’t just quote Langston Hughes – a ‘dream deferred’ about the social consequences of a people, in this case 20th century black people, denied equality and opportunity – to describe a white elephant of a jacked-up shopping mall begun 5 governors ago when people still cared about malls. At any rate, the “American Dream” (it’s fifth name, I think) is opening soon. Yay.

The Trump Baby Balloon – giant, floating in the air with a diaper and a cell phone, one of 2 already here, with 4 more coming – has had its test flight. Do you want to fly it?

Is your town on the list? 30 towns will ban the sale of legal weed

How raising the minimum wage would help more than half a million NJ women.

Bless Gurbir Grewal. Murphy’s AG takes on Trump over school discipline

I don’t know the reason she did it, but these are incredibly stressful jobs. NJ child welfare employee shoots and kills herself at state office

Cartoonist Drew Sheneman on NJ’s (continuing) commuter nightmare – with commentary here


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    Re: the Fozman article; nice to see our old friend David Wildstein is working in politics again…i think.


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