News Roundup for Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The heat wave: It’s official as of today. 

Booker & Menendez explain how NJ is resisting federal healthcare policies

Menendez calls Trump’s attack on LeBron James what it is: racist

Booker & Menendez: Marijuana businesses must get access to banking system

Booker calls news that Hugin discounted cancer drug in Russia and not here a ‘mortal blow’

Max Pizarro talks to Cory Booker: On Cornyn’s ‘Get a grip’ comment, battleground elections, Menendez, Trump America, his priorities, and the Democratic Party argument. Here’s the backstory on Cornyn’s obnoxious remark to Booker.

CD3: Good luck with that. Tom MacArthur thinks the way to stop Andy Kim is to slam him for not denouncing Bob Menendez

Op-ed by Dan Ulloa: Why we need $15 an hour minimum wage in New Jersey now, not later

CD7: Malinowski mocks Lance’s first campaign ad of the general election season

CD11: Booker campaigns with Mikie Sherrill

CD11: Jay Webber wants to debate Sherrill on ICE

OK, so what’s up with the rabbis? Or did Judi Franco just not say what she meant? Dennis & Judi are back on 101.5’s air after their brief suspension for calling NJ Attorney General Grewal “Turban Man” instead of his name throughout their show. They say they’ve “learned a lot” since then. Judi says “I’ve received texts from all of the rabbis in my phone” and “we appreciate the support.” I’m going to assume that’s just bad juxtaposition and Judi’s rabbi friends aren’t supporting her idiotic on-air racist chatter. I can’t with these people.

At last, some real consolidation benefits towns considering merger can grab onto: Princeton merger pays off in property-tax slowdown & better services

Bramnick on gerrymandering and Murphy’s fiscal policies: Assembly Minority Leader says legislative districts should be more competitive but he doubts anyone from his party or the Democrats has the political will to make it happen

“Duty to warn”Why NJ’s new gun law has therapists worried for their patients

Trump is – again – at his Bedminster golf club, at taxpayer expense. His office wants to tell you he’s going to be busy.

Rick Gates says he and Paul Manafort didn’t report 15 foreign accounts to the federal government, knew it was illegal. Goes says he did not submit the forms “at Mr. Manafort’s direction.”

My former state senator, Republican Bill Schluter, has died at 90. Long before my time here, but early in Schluter’s political rise, this was a 1967 billboard for his first Assembly race. Have to say, I like it.



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