News Roundup for Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tomorrow: Hundreds of thousands of people will be awed by the Atlantic City Air Show. (Photo: US Air Force)

What do you get when you build a facility as large as 30 football fields in Steve Sweeney’s neck of the woods? A 21st-century facility that promises jobs – but it begs the question about how workers are treated.

Why did Gabby Giffords’ organization endorse Leonard Lance and Chris Smith? An explanation of sorts.

Infrastructure. Yesterday, Bill Orr reported on a massive project that just starting. Another huge project is just competing after 60 years.

Bad behavior. NJ police chief resigns after being arrested on drug charges.

Criticism of Miss America’s CEO Gretchen Carlson the 1998 pageant winner from Moorestownfrom .

What NJ towns have the highest property tax rates? The list may surprise you.

Jersey City Council votes to sever relationship with America’s Gestapo.

Pennsylvania priests abuse scandal: Two of the hundreds of priests served in New Jersey. A Camden bishop speaks out.

Gun safety: Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora blames lax federal gun laws as he beefs up police presence at public events.

With its credibility on the line, NJ Transit assures riders that the Atlantic City Line will return after safety repairs.

School chief speaks out against the school funding formula which punishes virtually all districts in Cape May County.



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