News Roundup for Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018

Woodstein, watching Nixon give it up.

This photo of Woodward and Bernstein, 44 years ago last night, getting ready for 44 years ago today.


Not New Jersey, but. I’m in tears watching this. And I wish you a November night that feels even better than watching this.

All that flag-waving Republicans do, and Betsy DeVos’ family yacht isn’t even under an American flag. How Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ administration works the system to avoid paying taxes to America

Stormy Daniels & Donald Trump in New Jersey at the same time: Stormy’s got a gig at a strip club in Wayne tonight.

A year ago, Johnson & Johnson chief exec resigned Trump’s White House Manufacturing Advisory Council over his racist remarks on Charlottesville. Now, he’s praising Trump on his handling of the economy

Roll Call’s Nathan Gonzales is tired of the term blue wave to describe what’s happening. From now on, he says it’s all about too many GOP fires to put out

CD11: Mikie Sherrill picks up a local Republican endorsement

Ironically because many of them have been watching non-news propaganda for years, 44% of Republicans polled believe Trump should be able to shut down news outlets

Republican Rep. Chris Collins’ arrest for insider trading could put his western NY House seat in play. Trump won there 60%-35%.

Have you been wanting to open a convo about voting with a kid in your life? Show them this.


Flashback and course-correction from the bad Christie years: NJ Supreme Court sides with the Legislature in the first-ever test of lawmakers’ power to undo rules or regulations introduced by a governor’s administration.

Big shoes to fill: Former assemblyman, senator and longtime servant of the people of New Jersey in several capacities, Gordon MacInnes is stepping down from his role as president at New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP)

I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat. 6 weeks after the state budget battle ended, some party leaders remain angered by a perception that Dem State Chair John Currie sided with Gov. Phil Murphy and used the state party apparatus to attack Democratic lawmakers.

Photo: Patti Sapone | NJ Advance Media for


Howell: Homeless  people told they must leave encampment after pharma exec buys land. Most of the people living in tarp-covered tents there have jobs; they just don’t make enough money to pay for permanent housing, and they make too much to qualify for government assistance.

The ongoing circus in Rockaway ‘Clownship’:

Wilkes-Barre. PA and Atlantic City: Two peas in a pod? Not on Trump they’re not.

Bergen County: Gottheimer leads roundtable on New Jersey’s infrastructural nightmare. [Say, what could happen when a bridge is structurally deficient or obsolete? It can .. what? Oh, that’s not good. Not good at all.]

The tears of a mother in Trenton: Mayor Gusciora calls for tougher penalties for juveniles with guns

Detained and waiting, waiting, waiting. Jersey Journal goes inside the ICE detention center at Hudson jail

Stunned by a young politician’s death. Members of the Passaic community, where she served both school district and city council, are stunned at the death of 41-year-old Councilwoman Zaida Polanco

Princeton’s complicated legacy: Reconsidering Woodrow Wilson, and recalling a slave named Jimmy Johnson


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