News Roundup for Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018

Called black people “fucking monkeys” and the people of Ferguson, MO “animals,”: posted a meme showing an apparently mid-transition Caitlyn Jenner on a box of ‘Fruity Pebbles’: Monroe Twp (Gloucester County) school board candidate Rick Jankowski likes to use Facebook for his racist and homophobic confessional

Newspaper editorials across the country respond to Trump calling the “fake news media” the enemy of the people: Here’s Jersey Journal’s and – especially Star-Ledger’s, Think your enemy is the press? So does every tyrant and corrupt politician

Racist dog-whistle much, Tom MacArthur supporters? A GOP super PAC launches an attack ad against Andy Kim ad that ends with a photo of Kim (who is of Korean descent) and the words ‘Not one of us.’

Good luck, CT groundbreaker Jahana Hayes. With Love, from New Jersey (and Shirley & Bella) (and probably Bonnie & Hillary too)

First two Trump Baby balloons arrive in New Jersey

Bill Orr’s continuing look at Teaneck’s Council: This week – Pot, Pets & Priorities

As commuter hell reigns and there is dysfunction at NJ Transit, legislative leaders Steve Sweeney, Craig Coughlin and Jon Bramnick are all expected to attend today’s Senate Transportation Hearing

Looking at YOU, Hudson, Essex, Bergen: Should New Jersey Democratic officials keep jailing immigrants for ICE?

Flyers promoting the Ku Klux Klan in Red Bank

State of NJ wants you to drive more (but not over any aging bridges, yet): NJ gas tax likely to increase because revenues coming up short of target

NJDSC raises $400k at a fundraiser at chez Murphy

A glass of Flint or Newark school water for Senator Barrasso of Wyoming, please: Move in Congress to weaken Clean Water Act could have big impact in New Jersey

The Hugin campaign has tried hard to paste the (FBI investigated, no evidence found) right-wing slur of Menendez and underage prostitutes, though Hugin has longstanding women issues of his own. Now, women Hugin supporters meet in Summit, strategizing to help his campaign

Phil Murphy just named NJ’s first-ever Chief Innovation Officer. Who is she?

Explainer: How NJ’s court-approved plans for affordable housing work

And finally, Dexter the emotional support peacock has died

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  1. Hannah Leah

    Ok Andy Kim is playing the race card too, go to ObserverNJ formerly politickerNJ a few mos ago has a campaign staffer who did not want to be named saying how they know the “old retired white men in Ocean” would never vote for a Korean – clearly racist. That made the rounds with the seniors in Ocean and others and they are not too happy being racist or having the kim campaign make statements about them.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      Uh, Hannah Leah? I read that piece at Insider NJ (not Observer NJ, you linked to it yourself, please try to keep up). And the statement of whether a “retired, white male voting base” (you added the word “old,” which is weird since you had. the. link. right. there) would vote for Kim is not attributed to anyone in the Andy Kim race, or a Kim supporter.. The statement that you’d like us to believe is “Andy Kim playing the race card” was actually attributed to “sources, who declined to be named.” So Hannah Leah, you pretty much made this whole thing up didn’t you?

      Nice try. We have no objection if you raise a disagreement on the merits, but try shite like that again here, and you will be banned.

      1. deciminyan

        Hannah Leah is really Lisa Threston of Riverton who trolls using over a dozen accounts. She is an elected Republican Committeewoman and “serves” on MacArthur’s “Women for MacArthur” committee. MacArthur is fully aware of her trolling.

        Anf lest anyone call me a hypocrite for using an alias as Lisa does, I remind people that I was “outed” by none other than Frank Luna, TMac’s chief of staff.


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