News Roundup for Monday, Aug. 20, 2018


Over the weekend, news broke that White House counsel Don McGahn has been cooperating ‘extensively with the Mueller investigation, giving 30 hours of interviews over the last 9 months. This includes “detailed accounts about the episodes at the heart of the inquiry into whether President Trump obstructed justice,” including giving the Mueller team information about things they didn’t even know about. Trump says this was all with his permission, but weirdly tweeted that McGahn wasn’t a ”John Dean type ‘RAT’” and Dean Obeidallah saw something significant in Trump’s choice of ‘RAT’. And so did John Dean

Also over the weekend, Rudy Giuliani made a complete fool of himself on Meet the Press declaring ‘Truth isn’t truth’ 

Pope Francis finally responds – in a letter to Catholicsto the shocking Pennsylvania grand jury report of widespread and decades-long sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests in the state. Now, it’s time for New Jersey to conduct its own detailed investigation.

I’m a QR Code. Scan me to register to vote. (But not in NJ).


Too bad New Jersey doesn’t have online voter registration (like 38 other states do). Parkland students, along with a grad from their school who’s a designer, have a t-shirt with a QR code fashioned like a flag. Scan the QR and it takes you right to a voter registration page. Already registered this way: 10,000 people.

John Atlas says Phil Murphy is on track to become the most progressive governor in America

Bob Hennelly: Trump’s immigrant family separation 2.0 – why families are hesitant to send their children to school

Take a deep breath and scan the list: Here are the 30 NJ towns with the highest property tax rates

Donald Trump leaves New Jerseywith Rand Paul on board Air Force One

Star-Ledger editorialtime to light a fire under Phil Murphy on NJ Transit reform

Drew Sheneman cartoon & commentary – on the dubious choice facing New Jersey voters, which of these unsavory Bobs we choose. That’s his cartoon above. And here’s the commentary that goes with it.

Jay Lassiter’s post on How 3 Congressmembers helped lay my Dady to Rest at Arlington is less about the politicians and more about family. And it’s lovely. 

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