News Roundup for Monday, Aug. 13, 2018

On the anniversary of the deadly Unite the Right rally, Trump greets Bikers for Trump to Bedminster. Photo: Carolyn Kaster

Photo: Saed Hindash/Star-Ledger

Who is New Jersey’s real leader? The argument that it’s Sweeney

We know that Trump, unlike other presidents, has not divested himself from his businesses. We know he profits when his Jersey golf courses are rented for events. We don’t know how much, because unlike other presidents he hasn’t released his tax returns. But thanks to research by ProPublica, we can see the surprising list of entities that have had their events at Trump’s Bedminster & Pine Hill golf clubs.

The argument that young leadership shows readiness for young electoral power. We see the power of mobilized youth. Now lower the voting age.

Makes you wonder what happens this time when the racists are driven underground. The Unite the Right Rally in D.C. – to ‘celebrate’ the 1-year anniversary of the deadly melee in Charlottesville – was a dud, with white nationalists dwarfed by counter-protesters, shouting Nazis Go Home! And Heather Heyer was remembered in Charlottesville.

Bergen County’s Lee Porter: Meet North Jersey’s 91-year-old fair housing champion

Prices will go up, but less than other states. State actions help keep lid on health insurance rate hikes

Sorry, angry NJ Transit riders: Broken agency could take years to fix

Oh boy. The gap between the super rich and poor in every NJ county, ranked

It’s the longest free-flowing river east of the Mississippi, source of drinking water for more than 15 million people and a dynamic natural resource providing billions of dollars in economic activity. A new interactive map shows where the threats are to the Delaware River, both old and new pollution.

Jenkinson’s Aquarium gift shop in Point Pleasant Beach suspends employee who kicked out black girls

Old Barracks Museum

Why should Philly have all the glory? With the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution coming – favorite new word: Semiquincentennial – the state is urged to make more of our own revolutionary heritage, and to take advantage of the economic benefits

Commuter hell in the commuter state: Sky High E-ZPass fees coming under scrutiny

The U.S. Senate is called back for a rare mid-August session, starting Wednesday. The House remains on recess.

Pelosi promises. With GOP Rep. Chris Collins facing multiple felony insider trading charges, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi vows if Democrats take control of the House, they will overhaul ethics and campaign finance laws

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  1. Joe

    This business of Sweeney versus Murphy (it’s an Irish thing), is it a kabuki theater song and dance so that Murphy can maintain good relations with the unions while Sweeney does the nasty grunt work? Good cop, bad cop? Probably not.
    I really hate this phrase: “taking on the public unions.” It’s garbage, it’s anti-unionism, especially anti the public sector unions. There’s a war on unions in this country, especially public sector unions. The union people are portrayed as greedy, selfish thugs who are “responsible” for all of NJ’s economic woes. WRONG! It’s DINO politicians like Sweeney who are responsible for the pension problems and NJ’s economic woes; more than 20 years of not properly funding, the pensions from Whitman through Christie. It’s not the teachers’ fault or any other public sector workers’ fault. The unions have already made sacrifices, they are paying more for reduced benefits. Even retirees have lost the COLA. Sweeney is a better mannered Chris Christie.


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