News Roundup for Friday, Aug. 24, 2018

In a world still trapped by Trump & Republicans, at least the Animal Crackers beasts are freed.

Do you want the bad news first? or the good news?

Midterms & (very early) 2020 matchup

Bob Hugin doesn’t want to talk about Trump. He wants to talk him about the Q-poll. So ask him about Trump.

Hugin on guns: Like a Mississippi Republican, which is also like the Jersey GOP

Murphy’s popularity could be boon to NJ Dems. Wildstein: “The focus of the fledgling Democratic governor on local races in New Jersey stands in sharp contrast to his Republican predecessor.  In 2010, Chris Christie used his high approval ratings as an opportunity to burnish his national image; he campaigned for GOP candidates across the country, but hardly at all for Republicans running in New Jersey.”

CD7: Politico reports DCCC has placed a cable ad buy of at least $1.17M, for ads starting Sept. 18 and run through election day on nine different popular cable networks. That’s on top of the $2.1 million the Congressional Leadership Fund has reserved to help Malinowski this fall. Lance is getting help from a Republican House leadership PAC running some aggressive attack ads. Malinowski raised $784,066 last period, Lance $301,267.

“Service”Andy Kim’s first ad

In early 2020 Poitico/Morning Consult poll, Trump trails Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in that order. With other possible contenders, including Cory Booker, the majority is still undecided.

Classy. Indicted Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter throws his wife under the bus

Trump world devolving 

Bizarre. Longtime Trump pal and CEO of the parent company of National Enquirer got immunity from federal prosecutors in exchange for info on Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen. National Enquirer hid Trump secrets in a safe, removed them before inauguration 

Around New Jersey


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