News Roundup for Friday, Aug. 17, 2018

UPDATED: Pentagon announces a 1-year delay to Trump’s $92 million military parade. Conveniently, not an election year.

State Democrats meeting in Atlantic City Sept. 20-22: This is usually an event pitched to careerists, turf holders, state candidates and electeds – and the corporate interests and power brokers interested in cozying up to same. Will this year be different?

Dude. Seth Grossman – who says diversity is “crap” and “un-American” and suggests black people are lazy and not actually discriminated against, and that who actually does face discrimination is “white heterosexual men” – writes a guest op-ed in the Ledger today asking, Why Am I Called a Bigot?

Trump returns to his Bedminster club today for the weekend.

600 school districts in NJ: Steve Sweeney says it’s time to get serious about consolidating schools

CD7: GOP super PAC praises Lance, hits Malinowski

CD7: Leonard Lance gives a preview of his next punch back

CD11: Jay Webber’s inevitable Ronald Reagan campaign trail plug

Looks like yes. Would New Jersey college students get busted on campus even if weed is legal?

Phil Murphy moved to save your property tax deduction from Trump law. But nothing’s happened.

Shortage of engineers makes commuter hell worse: At transportation hearing, lawmakers discuss easing residency requirements for NJ Transit workers

In Atlantic City, a century-old solution to flooded streets is working again

Ward-based city council? Asbury Park residents could get a new way to one in their leaders

We have the wind (some of it hot air), what’s the holdup? Wind Power in NJ – How big and how soon? 

Mudslinging in Dover persists after as judge reviews June primary voter fraud claims

We can’t hear you, we’re canvassing. State GOP Chair Steinhardt has some things to say about our plans to flip congressional seats

Meet the ‘czars’ trying to sell New Jersey towns on shared services

Explainer: Platinum vs. Gold health-insurance plans for NJ public workersWhat’s the difference and what would we save?

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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    If Sweeney et al were truly serious about saving money on public employee healthcare, he should be advocating for a single payer plan that would combine what the state is currently spending on public employee healthcare with other public healthcare programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and sCHIP to form the foundation for bringing single payer to NJ. New Jersey could also save money by ending its relationships with private health insurance companies and paying claims on its own instead of paying premiums to these companies to cover its insureds.

    If Murphy was truly a progressive, single payer would be his counter to Sweeney’s proposals. As focused as he is on an inevitable 2021 primary challenge from his right from Sweeney, he should also be prepared to be challenged from his left either by a Norcross-backed decoy like John Wisniewski or a legitimate progressive out of the Bernie Sanders orbit (or possibly both).


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