CD-11 Mikie Sherrill’s first TV ad: “Navy”

Sherrill spotlights her military background, and chopper, in this photo on her website (cropped)

Part of what’s made Mikie Sherrill stand out both among NJ Democrats challenging incumbents, and in the competition for national dollars and attention, is that she’s a walking feature story; Navy pilot, federal prosecutor, boom. She takes full advantage of that in her first 30-second TV ad for the general election, already out attached to a fundraising email, and what the campaign says is a 6-figure ad buy starting today. Not too many candidates can open an ad standing in front of a military chopper they used to pilot. Ramp that interest up, given that Navy pilot is a woman.

With 3 months left till the November election, Sherrill has already raised more than $4 million, with almost $3 million cash-on-hand at last filing. That buys a lot of everything, including getting your ads up on TV in this expensive market. Her Republican opponent Jay Webber is far behind in fundraising, and spending more than he’s taking in; something the former NJ GOP chair hopes to reverse with VP Mike Pence coming in for a high-dollar fundraiser for him Friday.
What do you think of Mikie’s ad?

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  1. Lydia Colie

    Why is she using a Navy helicopter for her ad….is she paying for it? I think it’s the property of the tax payers. I think we should get a tax refund. I didn’t authorize it’s use for political purposes!!!

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      I imagine the Navy is interested in seeing its veterans in Congress; I doubt they’d have said no.


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