Weekend News Roundup for July 21-22, 2018

She moved from Yonkers, NY to a small town just over the Jersey border in PA. Wish she’d stopped here. The Heartbreak of Raising a Black Daughter in a Red State. (Hubbard, NY Times)

George Will, who has left the Republican Party, walks through his argument that this is the year the Democrats may lose a Senate seat

Newsweek: Will Donald Trump bea impeached or resign? Odd soar amid president’s week of Putin mishaps

Seriously? You’re worried about wacky lube? Maybe a more realistic worry is the POC in your district likely to be arrested and have their lives derailed for minor drug offenses nobody in my neighborhood would get hung up for. Sen. Ronald Rice (D-Essex) says ‘sex toy oils with marijuana’ is what he’s worried about if weed becomes legal

4,000 people rally in the middle of a work day in a state Donald Trump won by 20 points: Bernie Sanders & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went to war with partisanship in Kansas  (The Intercept) AOC: “Where there are working-class people, there is hope for the progressive movement.”

Tom Moran in Cape Cod: With these dunes destroyed, the climate disaster gets personal


Gov. Phil Murphy at 6 months: A roundup of his first half-year, including an impressive progressive list, and repudiations of Chris Christie’s era

NJ budget: Here’s how much you’ll actually pay in new taxes, and what you’ll get


Trump supporters tried to get ‘Baby Trump’ balloon activist fired from his homeless shelter job. That says everything about them. And it backfired.

How Donald Trump spent his Bedminster weekend: Desperately trying to change the subject from his own disastrous week to getting you mad at the NFL

‘New York’ Giants co-owner Steve Tisch: Donald Trump has ‘no understanding’ why NFL players protest

At Edna Mahan Correctional Facility, the state’s only women’s prison: Sex abuse suit revived as federal probe heats up. Corrections officers & prison employees criminally charged with sexually abusing inmates

From government subsidies (like $39M in corporate welfare just from NJ taxpayers since 2000) to the hit on small businesses and local communities, Robert B. Engel of Free & Fair Markets Initiative, walks through what that Amazon Prime deal really cost you


Freakout when local Republicans take an interest in CD11 Dem Mikie Sherrill: Between a Rockaway and a Hard Place (Snowflack)

Tom MacArthur: NJ Republican who tried to kill Obamacare faces heat for claiming his plan wouldn’t hurt patients

Gov & Senate Prez staying out of LD15 race: Murphy won’t endorse first pro-Murphy Assembly candidate

LD23 flashpoint: Movement conservative Mike Doherty on Trump, what Hugin can do to get his endorsement, and where a McGreeveyized Murphy is doing better than Christie

Pallone takes the lead in battling Trump’s environmental policies

Pallone is mum on Pelosi’s leadership future

For Menendez, the Helsinki firestorm is political manna from heaven (Steinberg)


Sheneman: A few ideas for the title of Chris Christie’s book


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