Weekend News Roundup for July 14-15, 2018

Some thundering Sundays, you get waylaid by cats, muffins, and the Angel City Chorale, which our friend Glenn Farrington is in. Sorry for the late short roundup…


Mueller investigation is circling the hell out of the Trump administration. Latest indictment deals body blow to Trump White House 

Trump says he’s running for reelection – because “everybody wants me to” and there’s ‘no Democrat who can beat him’

Scotland forever. And EVER. 


Emptying seats CD11, CD2: Rodney Frelinghuysen has $539k cash-on-hand, hasn’t donated to Webber. LoBo has $283k, with no donation on record to Grossman

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Are New Jersey’s voting machines … hackable? 

Menendez doing better raising cash as his ethics troubles fade from mind

Looking for some jingle?   if you really want to abandon your soul and you never loved anybody who got cancer, Bob Hugin is recruiting canvassers at $20/hour

New Jersey Globe: Sherrill tries to move to Webber’s right on taxes

He’s a Republican but Alan Steinberg argues that we need to elect a Democratic Congress to rid ourselves of the “nightmare of Trumpism”


Democratic Freeholders, Democratic county: Renewal of contract to house immigration detainees slammed

Tom Moran: How NJ forces the poor to finance the fight on climate

Bill Orr goes to the Meadowlands racetrack: And they’re off and running but …

Adopt, don’t shop. Atlantic County animal shelter is waiting their fees for July

Sustainable Moorestown’s green roofkeeping taxes down?

What if this boarded-up, historic church built in the 1800s by poor Irish immigrants was turned into affordable housing and not turned over to high-end developers?  






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  1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    More on how Scotland is absolutely brilliant:

    Sign in Edinburgh

  2. Joe

    Why do I get the feeling that Sheneman would love to destroy, slice dice and put a knife to the public pensions? Christie never passed up an opportunity to blast the teachers and their supposed Cadillac pensions and benefits. It’s all the teachers’ fault. They want to solve the pension crisis on the backs of public employees, kick them in the gut, cut their benefits and pensions or just renege on the pensions altogether. The public employees did not create the crisis, they have already taken cuts in benefits and are contributing more to their pensions and health benefits. Even current retirees have seen the elimination of the COLA. But that’s not enough for people like Sheneman, this guy definitely wants to take a knife to the public pensions. How dare those “greedy” public employees get pensions when no one in the private sector gets a pension, so the argument goes. Tough luck about the private sector which has been de-unionized. That’s the problem in this country: the war on unions, the destruction of unions and the resultant lower wages, stagnant wages and few or no benefits. Forget about pensions. They want to Walmartize the teachers and the other public employees. They may succeed with the Janus decision and a right wing SCOTUS.


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