US Supreme Court and Midterms: “Building from the bottom up”

Tonight in one of Trump’s TV reality dramas we will learn his nominee for the US Supreme Court – another conservative who will oppose Roe v. Wade and other progressive policies. It’s a call not for despair but for action on the part of New Jerseyans. We must ensure that two NJ US Democratic Senators remain in office, which means voting for Sen. Robert Menendez despite his entanglements with Salomon Melgen. It is of course the Senate which consents or does not consent on such appointments now and in the future. With four Republican congressional seats in play, we more than other states have the ability to change the course of action in Washington. 

Liberal pundits speak of how this nomination will lead to a conservative court for countless decades in the future. However, let’s not forget that court members do occasionally resign or die in office. Republicans Clarence Thomas (seen but not heard) is 80 years old and Samuel Alito (heard and clever) is 78. 

Regardless of how much longer Trump is in office, if Democrats take control of the Senate in the midterms, they can put a stop to Trump’s nominations and ensure more moderate court members. 

If Democrats take control of the House they can block many of Trump’s retrograde policies, deny him funds for such projects as the “Beautiful Wall,” and force change in regulations and activities at the Cabinet level. Such actions would create a more progressive atmosphere and set up higher barriers against dangerous court pronouncements. 

Even the powerful and irascible ancient Roman Empire leaders recognized the extreme difficulty of some actions, such as placing Mount Ossa on top of Mount Pellia, (“montem Ossam super Pelion pondrent.”) Our Democratic leaders in the Senate, and Dems throughout the USA, will inveigle against this nomination, try to expose reasons against it, and delay it, but the omens for success are not favorable. 

Better for us to concentrate on infusing the midterm elections with ideals that Democrats and even moderates  support. That calls for a renewed effort to actively engage in assuring victory for our Democratic House challengers and US Senate incumbent. We may not be able to move one mountain on top of another, but we can lead the way not only in blocking many of Trump’s efforts but in creating an America which is more just. 

Writing in the NY Times David Leonhardt points out, “Over the last half-century, conservatives have put more energy into building a movement – creating ideological institutions, grooming judges and, perhaps above all, winning local, state and congressional elections.” It’s time we do the same. That means “building from the bottom up,” vigorously aiding our candidates and getting out the vote. 

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  1. Joe

    We have to vote the GOP out of office at all levels. The GOP has morphed into an extreme radical far right wing/libertarian cult that is intent on destroying the New Deal and any social programs that help the great mass of Americans. Not to mention they want to return us to 1920 or is it 1820? The GOP philosophy is toxic and destructive; the US is the only wealthy democratic country without universal health care, “thanks” to the GOP, for the most part. The GOP stands in the way of any progressive actions that are sane and make sense. I hope progressives like Chris Hedges who refused to vote for Hillary because she was too flawed, will vote for Ds in November and 2020 because there will never be a perfect candidate. I wish we had a multi-party system, I wish we could get rid of the Electoral College which cheated us out of Al Gore and HRC. But in the meantime, vote Democratic.


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