“tRump” “liar” “idiot” – Quote of the Day goes to Bonnie Watson Coleman

Update: Posted by Rep. Watson Coleman: “tRump is a liar and an idiot”

I consider Bonnie Watson Coleman my congresswoman, despite the fact my hometown was redistricted out of CD12 years ago. She reps my interests, and her boldness in office speaks for and to me. Her Facebook post this hour surprises me, using a lettered designation for President Donald Trump I’ve seen many people – civilians – post in social media. I’ve never used it myself, because it’s anatomical and I don’t generally go there, and because I don’t monkey with people’s names. But when a congresswoman writes “tRump,” and calls a president an “idiot,” I take note. Not something you see every day. I take less note of calling him out as a liar. There’s no debating that.

This is an environment – created by Trump, and complicit Republicans – that is getting uglier every day. And even the normal niceties and decorum of leaders is deteriorating; a president who lies routinely, calls human beings “animals”, staffs the White House with people who find racism funny, runs inflammatory campaign rallies appealing to the worst in his fans, auditions Chris Christie as ‘Lock her up! attack dog to juice up a near-empty RNC convention hall. And their congressmen began to junk decorum when they had to sit still while a black president was talking. We don’t forget it.


BWC made national news last week calling out, You need your medication!’ to Rep. Louis Gohmert as he tried – over 9 hours – to break FBI career professional Peter Strzok, harassing him with his extramarital affair as leverage. I’ve got sympathy for that, and Strzok stood up to it. And today – Today was marked by Donald Trump in Helsinki, after a private meeting with no witnesses, publicly siding with Putin against the investigations conducted by our own American intelligence services, and because Putin said so. An extraordinary development. It’s not just the temperature spiking; it’s also the concern. Above, this was BWC’s Facebook post about an hour ago, using this instead of Trump’s name. Like we do when we see Trump degrade this country. Only she’s on the front lines, getting the hypocrisy and low-class antics of this administration full in the face. And I’ve got sympathy for that.

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