TONIGHT: Nancy Pelosi in Jeopardy, Frank Pallone in Q&A

Tonight, Nancy Pelosi & Frank Pallone will both be providing Answers to Questions – but different.

Pelosi on Jeopardy: The Minority Leader will appear to give a video answer to a special question. Roll Call, in an email to press, imagines what would happen if Pelosi really had to answer a tough question:

Press: A number of your Democratic colleagues talk about the need for change in leadership at the top, particularly in your position. Your answer to them.
Pelosi: What is, ‘I feel very confident in the support that I have in the House Democratic Caucus, and my focus is on winning this election because so much is at stake?’

Yah, maybe not. Already Andy Kim, Mikie Sherrill, Josh Welle, and Jeff Van Drew are on record saying they won’t back Pelosi for Speaker, assuming Dems take the House majority. Among challengers, only CD-7’s Tom Malinowski won’t say he’d ditch her (which Leonard Lance has signaled he’ll use against him). Bill Pascrell, who came out early against Pelosi, was touting NY Dem Joe Crowley, the House Democratic Caucus Chair. But Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knocked him out in the NY primary (fist-pump!) . Frank Pallone doesn’t want to say till November (you can ask him about that tonight, see below). Albio Sires wanted Pelosi replaced as leader 8 years ago (sounds like he wants her out now, too).  I don’t think Josh Gottheimer, who once interned for Speaker Tom Foley, has said yet. Or BWC. Is Don Norcross on record? Don Payne Jr.?

Pallone on ATNJ Q&A: Tonight, Pallone will do a Facebook Q&A with Action Together New Jersey. Broadcast will go live at that link as a new post at 6:30pm, and you can ask questions in the comments. You don’t have to be a member.

Click to access ATNJ

Frank Pallone’s always been pretty available for ways to connect with people – especially progressives & activists. Last month, he addressed Blue Jersey readers about what he (and fellow Congress members) witnessed as immigrant children were being taken from their parents at a federal facility in Elizabeth. Most Fridays, he does Facebook Live. And I remember in 2006, when political blogging was a babything, Blue Jersey organized its own ‘Democratic response’ to President George W. Bush’s 2006 State of the Union. We had congressmen Pallone and Rush Holt (my old boss) hustle down to the DNC post-speech, sit down and start blogging. We had Holt on our site, and Pallone on Democracy for America’s and we changed it up a little so they were also responding to each other as well as fielding questions from readers at both sites (from NJ and around the country). And we had congressmen from other states blogging at sister state blogs around the country.

What else is going on tonight, Blue Jersey?





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