Today on Fox News: Stuart Varney confronts Steve Sweeney

“You won’t let me leave. I am a prisoner of this state.”
–  Fox News’ Stuart Varney, to Sen. Steve Sweeney, who seems to be growing some sort of beard …

Fox News host Stuart Varney had Steve Sweeney on this morning, and dumped a load of accusations on the Senate Prez, playing the poor rich guy victimized by taxes, not all of which have anything to do with Sweeney’s purview, mind you. But it’s good television. And it’s Fox. So entertainment > facts.

Varney complains a lot about all he has to deal with as a member of New Jersey’s moneyed class. In April he asked, “Why would anyone who makes money buy a home in NYC or New Jersey? (watch). Well, because that is where they make money – “good money” as he says – and sometimes they have to check in to the office. That is precisely why Varney lives in New Jersey; why people at his level of compensation live in NYC, or New Jersey, or Long Island or Connecticut. And it costs.

Varney says he’s lived in this state for 40 years (but I note: didn’t become a U.S. citizen till late 2015). And I’ll spare you the (easily found) details of his real estate transactions, but let’s say he’s lived pretty well in nice houses in Bergen County. And Varney, like a lot of well-off people whose financial life centers around NYC (where Fox Business studios are) probably does pay hefty taxes. But he probably gets a paycheck with NY tax withheld, owing much less tax to New Jersey. Cry me a river.

In his day, Chris Christie tried to interest us in panicking we’d lose our wealthy unless we catered to them. He was just fighting the millionaires tax. In those Christiecrat Days, Sweeney mostly laid down for Christie – but he did fight for that tax. That all changed when Gov. Murphy showed up and went all alpha dog on Sweeney (as, you know, governors will, and legislative leaders of their party will usually welcome). You’d  think Varney would be grateful that Sweeney tried to make sure the threshold for the millionaires tax was ninety-eleven gazillion dollars. But I digress. Christie’s warning did come true, at least for New Jersey’s richest person. The tycooning Christie charter school cheerleader David Tepper, who we note didn’t stick around much past Christie’s self-destructing administration, moved away to Florida. Bye-bye.

And it sounds like Varney wants to leave, too. He can. [Seriously, anytime, we can sell those nice houses in nothing flat]. But there he is, on my teevee, complaining to Sweeney that he’s locked in here. Varney confuses NJ with NY (I get that, just one letter diff). In New York, they make you provide paperwork so you don’t cheat the gubmint by living where you always did but trying to front that you really live at your Outer Banks beach house, or your Montana ranch, or your private little island off the coast of Maine. Seems reasonable to me.

Of course, scratch a Fox News host and you get to the garbage within. Varney makes good money, and he resents the whole idea that he can’t spend it all on himself. What’s a Fox News host without some completely reprehensible views of some of the rest of his countrymen & women?

From teh Wiki:

In an interview on 5 June 2013 on Fox News, Varney said “We hand down $79 billion dollars every January on these so called poor people.” “You’re not being mean to poor people?” host Gretchen Carlson asked Varney, who responded, “I am. I am being mean to poor people. Frankly I am.” This exchange of words gained brief popularity when it was cited on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central, with journalists from The Washington Post reporting on his comments afterwards.

On the July 19, 2011 edition of Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto, Varney attacked America’s impoverished, citing a Heritage Foundation report on how the ownership of household appliances demonstrates how well-off America’s poor really are. Varney concluded by saying, “The image we have of poor people as starving and living in squalor really is not accurate. Many of them have things; what they lack is the richness of spirit. That’s my opinion.”

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  1. marshwren

    Well, in my experience and observation, “the richness of spirit” doesn’t pay any bills.


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