The vacation my father can have – because of the ADA

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This week was the 28th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). That law affirmed civil rights for people living with disabilities – that they deserve to live in communities that are as accessible as possible and that disability is not an invitation for discrimination. It by no means fixed everything – far too much of this country continues to be unreasonably inaccessible to people with disabilities. And a lot of thought and planning had to go into making this vacation happen, the amount of which would shock most of you. But because of the #ADA it was possible for my father, who is paralyzed and in a wheelchair for the rest of his life due to a spinal cord injury, to spend this 4th of July weekend at the Jersey Shore with his grandchildren.

Because of the ADA he could get on an airplane, stay in a hotel room, get onto and off of sidewalks. Because of the ADA there was an elevator to go up to a second floor in a hotel, he could use public restrooms, and his service dog Zest was welcome wherever we went. Because of the ADA, my father could spend the 4th of July weekend swimming with his granddaughter.

For years Republicans in Congress and at the state level have done everything they can to roll back the ADA and the protections it provides in the name of supporting business. Just last year House Republicans passed a bill that would have introduced massive barriers to accessibility.The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is just one of the latest attacks that puts my family’s well being at risk. I am asking that you vote in November so that I can share many more happy pictures like this through the years and here’s a belated #HappyBirthdayADA

Just last year House Republicans passed a bill that would have introduced massive barriers to accessibility. Thankfully, that measure, HR620, has not made progress in the Senate, and only one NJ Congressman, Tom MacArthur voted in favor of stripping back protections included in the ADA.

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