Sunday Morning: New Jerseyans protest NRA’s Oliver North

“Jesus preaches love, and he (North) preaches violence. I’ve lived here 33 years and never seen anybody so politically connected and contrary to Christian values invited to the Tabernacle.” – Georgina Shanley, who organized today’s early morning protest at Ocean City Tabernacle, where NRA’s Oliver North spoke

This week was the 29th anniversary of Oliver North for his part in Ronald Reagan’s Iran-Contra scandal, a secret arrangement directed by the White House to provide funds to the Nicaraguan Contra rebels (despite congressional prohibition) from profits gained by selling arms to Iran, at war with Iraq at the time. North got a $150,000 fine and a suspended prison sentence, his conviction was overturned because evidence revealed in the congressional Iran-Contra hearings compromised his right to a fair trial.

But Ollie, well he’ll always be connected in the public’s mind to gun sales, and now he’s capitalizing on it big-time as the NRA’s new big gun. This morning, he spoke in NJ, and was met by protest. Our thanks to Rachel Kramer Bussel; these are her photos:


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  1. Helen Duda

    Once again the Press of Atlantic City falsely reported about the protest. They claimed about 2 dozen protesters, when it was estimated around 150 people!


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