Phil Murphy just sent out a list of accomplishments

FYI – In the Morning News Roundup most days we include Where’s your Governor? –  with the where & when of his public events if there are any that day. In that spirit, I wanted to flag for you the email he just sent out, which list his accomplishments as he sees them (or as his staff that wrote them up do). I’m not adding commentary; just passing along his message:

Six months ago today, I became governor of the great state of New Jersey. Since then, we’ve worked hard to build a stronger and fairer state for all. We’ve:

✔️ Signed the nation’s toughest equal pay law

✔️ Passed a millionaire’s tax

✔️ Assembled the most diverse cabinet in NJ history

✔️ Restored funding for Planned Parenthood and women’s health care

✔️ Expanded access to medical marijuana

✔️ Promoted ACA enrollment

✔️ Pledged $100 million to tackle the opioid crisis

✔️ Supported a fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin

✔️ Announced NJ will rejoin RGGI to combat climate change

✔️ Jumpstarted the development of offshore wind energy

✔️ Banned offshore drilling in state waters

✔️ Signed sweeping clean energy legislation

✔️ Started to fully, fairly fund our public schools

✔️ Invested $83 million to expand pre-K

✔️ Begun the transition away from PARCC testing

✔️ Expanded college affordability for community college students

✔️ Supported “Computer Science for All” and STEM career opportunities

✔️ Created States for Gun Safety, a multi-state coalition to tackle the epidemic of gun violence

✔️ Signed sweeping gun safety measures into law

✔️ Divested all state investments in automatic and semi-automatic gun manufacturers

✔️ Enacted universal paid sick leave

✔️ Protected consumers from unfair out-of-network health care costs

✔️ Expanded protections for our transgender community

✔️ Launched workforce development & apprenticeships

✔️ Expanded EITC and created the State’s Child & Dependent Care Tax Credit

✔️ Expanded voting rights through Automatic Voter Registration

✔️ Legalized sports betting

✔️ Banned child marriage

✔️ Convened a Criminal Sentencing Commission to examine disparities in our criminal justice system

✔️ Stood up for #netneutrality

✔️ Provided in-state financial aid for NJ DREAMers and sued the Trump Administration over DACA

✔️ Opposed President Trump’s forced separation of migrant children at the border

✔️ Supported wage increases for thousands of workers at Newark Airport

✔️ Moved the Gateway Project forward through increased Portal Bridge funding

✔️ Announced NJ as the new U.S. headquarters for Teva Pharmaceuticals USA

✔️ Increased the state property tax cap deduction to $15,000 and opposed the disastrous GOP tax bill

✔️ Invested $242 million to fix @NJTRANSIT

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  1. Bill Orr

    The lists is impressive but who pays much attention to a long list?
    He needs to develop a spine particularly toward Sweeney and he needs to display it publicly in more town halls, TV/radio interviews and other public events.

  2. Bjm

    I call bullshit


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