No Shut Down Weekend News Roundup for June 30-July 1, 2018

Late News Roundup today. Everybody’s tired …

Sun rises as normal, birds tweet, we have a functioning government

Battle of the alpha males is over. Analysis at Blue Jersey, Insider NJ Alan Steinberg, Fred Snowflack (“Who Won?”), NJ Globe, Tom Moran (writing before budget deal, Blame Legislature for protecting the rich, not Murphy)

Reactions to the budget deal from legislators & stakeholders

Who gets a pass? David Wildstein muses which Assembly members might be allowed to take a pass on the revenue-raising part of the budget deal, to inoculate them from criticism in 2019

5 things to know about the budget deal

Sweeney hypocrisy reminder, TV Truck in Trenton. Photo: Insider NJ

Before the budget deal was struck, there was a great deal of pressure put on the players, much of it directed to Senate President Steve Sweeney & legislators – letters from clergy, a warning from Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, who was once NJ Assembly Majority Leader, a letter from more than 60 progressive women and the orgs they lead (which I signed as Blue Jersey editor), and a Working Families TV truck parked in Trenton reminding everybody Steve Sweeney used to be for millionaires tax before he was against it.

Press conference announcing the budget deal – Governor & Legislative leaders (watch below)


  • 5 reasons why NJ is still waiting for legal weed
  • Where’s your Governor? Attending mayoral swearings-in: Noon Paterson (Andre Sayegh), 12:45pm Newark (Ras Baraka), 2:30pm Long Branch (John Pallone), 4:30pm Bayonne (Jimmy Davis)

TRUTH in the Era of Trump

TRUTH: Vote, or abortion could be banned in N.J. (Star-Ledger editorial)


750 marches across the country, hundreds of thousands on the streets. This was New Jersey. And this was Princeton (video). And when activists tried to deliver mylar blankets for immigrant kids to Rep. Tom MacArthur’s office, they were turned away.

Comedian Stuttering John prank calls Donald Trump on AF1, pretending to be Bob Menendez, says he got a visit from the Secret Service

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