News Roundup & Open Thread – Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Keeping America Safe: New Jersey’s unique role.

Keeping New Jersey Clean: Atlantic County to consider banning single-use plastic bags.

Keeping our Judges in Place: Unlike in California, they can’t be recalled.

Keeping Count: Is Reed Gusciora Trenton’s 48th mayor? Or it’s 56th?

Keeping Moving: After four years, the Pulaski Skyway is open both ways.

Keeping Local Control: Department of Community Affairs unshackles Trenton for its new mayor.

Phil Murphy Campaign Rally – Election Day 2017

Keeping Jobs: Trump’s pending trade wars put one million New Jersey jobs on the line.

Keeping faith to the Constitution: New Jersey will provide legal aid to help mitigate the Trump war on asylum.

Out with the old. The last time I was in this mall was on Election Day 2017 when the Phil Murphy campaign rented an abandoned store for a campaign rally. (photo)

What are you doing tomorrow? Here’s a list of parades and fireworks in South Jersey. And in Central Jersey. And in North Jersey. If you’re not into parades and fireworks, how about picking some of New Jersey’s delicious berries?

What are you doing this coming weekend? How about telling Trump that Hate is not Welcome Here?

What are you doing on April 7, 2080? There’s a plant closing party going on.

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