News Roundup for Thursday, July 19, 2018

Chris Christie, still a thing. His book is coming out in a few months: Let Me Finish: Trump, the Kushners, Bannon, New Jersey, and the Power of In-Your-Face Politics’. Notice that New Jersey gets 4th billing. Gross. Christie teases that he’ll tell the full story on Bridgegate; expect this, to be self-serving. Publisher didn’t say how much the book deal was, but I’m sure he’s comfortable cashing in on the mess he made here.

Bob Menendez & Bill Pascrell want more info than they’ve seen on Trump’s meeting with Putin. Watch.

Cory Booker says Trump chose a Supreme Court justice who would protect him from Russia probe


They started off with a $4,500 goal to bring a Trump Baby balloon like London’s to Bedminster and the weekly People’s Motorcade protests outside Trump’s golf course. But fundraising blew right through the goal and organizers shut it down yesterday – at almost $24,000 raised. Now, we’re getting 4 Trump Babies. And they’re going on the road.

ICE ‘forgot’ about this immigrant for 15 years. Now they want him out, attorney says

In Flemington, residents are limited to 3 minutes for public comment (except the council’s favorites and they get nearly unlimited time). In Jersey City, though, a 5-minute limit was just rejected by council vote after criticism it was ‘undemocratic.’ Yup.

Is Steve Fulop growing his hair longer? Jersey City decriminalizes marijuana, a move toward racial justice and public safety. Jersey Journal is asking: Do you approve?

Bill Orr attends a local Teaneck Council meeting, finds active citizens with advocacy on their minds

Is the term ‘freeholder’ racist?

I want whatever Tony was about to order before the screen went dark. Memorabilia from ’The Sopranos’ goes up for auction

Rutgers Bloustein School analysis of NJ’s tax incentive program finds (surprise!) taxpayers paying a high price for Camden jobs 


When the big guns come in: Sen. Elizabeth Warren is coming for CD3’s Andy Kim & CD7’s Tom Malinowski

State party fundraising: Dems outpace GOP 10-1

The ‘Torch’ is Lit: Bob Torricelli is camera-ready and itchy to help take on Trump

Hugin is out with a hit ad on Menendez as Real Clear Politics shifts the race from Likely Dem to Leans Dem

What the hell goes on in their internal meetings that he’s scared of people knowing? Morris GOP chair wants candidates to sign non-disclosure agreements

CD7 Malinowski on Morning Joe: He got both the chance to tout the Democrats’ relative sanity, and some harder questions about Obama administration inaction on Russian meddling during the 2016 election


Trenton: Mayor Reed Gusciora consults water experts in D.C. meeting arranged by Doug Palmer

Houses with plastic bags for windows, bunk beds, locker room without a shower. These are some of the substandard playing and living situations for the players in the women’s professional soccer team Murphy owns. The Gov and First Lady addressed the problems in a statement and promised upgrades.

Will New Jersey tax your tap water? And given what that would pay for, is that a bad thing?

Murphy official says child welfare fix is ‘within reach’ after 15 years and billions spent. Is it?

Where’s your Governor? In Boston to talk to AFSCME’s big convention

Pro-Sweeney group New Jersey Future Fund that appropriated the name of the longstanding non-profit New Jersey Future (and even used its colors) drops its name, and goes silent

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  1. Michael Petti

    Christie’s upcoming book would only be good for toilet paper. However, it will leave a rash.


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