News Roundup for Monday, July 9, 2018


These posts at New Jersey Globe by NJ fiber artist Amy Wilson on the intersection of art and politics are simply delicious. In this one, she discusses photos on social media, generated by politicians, as a sort of outsider art political portraiture

Alan L. Moss: To stop gun violence, we must revamp 2nd Amendment, remove big money from federal elections


Trump administration’s opposition to breastfeeding resolution sparks outrage

All that winning (cont.): Trump’s tax-cut “miracle” is great. For Trump (Star-Ledger editorial)

‘Can the ACLU become the NRA of the left?’ Not wild about that title of this New York Times deep dive into what the American Civil Liberties Union has been doing – besides the suit filed on behalf of families separated at the border – but good reading

House leadership is an unsettled question as lawmakers return from July 4th break. Pelosi, 78, wants to keep running the show, but there are calls for her to step aside for someone younger. And on the GOP side, Paul Ryan’s retirement means a Republican fight for control


‘The State of New Jersey Wants to Subsidize News. Uh-oh.’ Politico’s media reporter Jack Shafer takes issue with Murphy signing the Civic Info Bill

Sen. Bob Smith has long argued for a toll to help fund renewal of NJ’s century-old water system: Is NJ ready for water-use fee to fund billions in upgrades of aging infrastructure?

Budget 2019: Concluding uscientific political postscript, with apologies to Kierkegaard (Pizarro)

Cannabis left out of NJ budget, but gov says it’s coming

Lawmakers want to borrow $1B for education itemsschool security, technical training, cleaning up school water – but leave voters with final say

Murphy signs law to update NJ’s sorely outmoded systems for investigating deaths

Where’s your Governor? No public schedule.


Where are the babies, Mitch? Vote you out! Democratic Socialists confront Mitch McConnell outside a Louisville restaurant (watch here)



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