News Roundup for Monday, July 23, 2018

The company you keep: Donald Trump & Bob Hugin (White House photo)


CD1 Don Norcross files op-ed supporting Phil Murphy’s push for a $15-per-hour by the end of the year

Generic congressional ballot: Rasmussen Reports has Democrats up by 5% (likely voters), Reuters up by 8% (all adults)

NJ leading a progressive revolution? By the New York Times’ count, maybe

Which GOP county chair/s dropped Grossman? The white supremacist-linking CD2 Republican, who calls diversity un-American and Kwanzaa a fake holiday, sent out a release last night saying most county chairs are not dropping Grossman, as the NRCC did a few days ago. So who’s sticking with this guy?

CD7 on WNYC – Malinowski v. Lance: New Jersey 7th and the Fight for America’s Suburbs (Listen)


No truth to rumors there was borscht and wodka for dinner: Trump left NJ last night, his third trip here in 4 weeks, still trying to climb out from under his disastrous Helsinki presser and White House chaos after

Associated Press: Democratic Socialism is surging in the age of Trump

NBC News: Sanders’ wing of the Democratic Party terrifies moderate Des. Here’s how they plan to stop it

Trump tweets a threat to Iran, mighty unsettling and not just because it’s ALL-CAPS

Trump’s military parade is approved at a cost of $30million. 5k-7k service members will march in it

NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll: 65% of voters said Russia intervened in the U.S. elections, with 26% disagreed. Should the special counsel’s investigation continue? 46% yes to 38% saying end it.


Cringeworthy: Sen. Ronald Rice’s fear that legalizing weed will lead to ‘sex toys and oils with marijuana’ … is now national news. Ugh.

Can’t we all just … get along? Senate President Steve Sweeney’s effort to strip Gov. Phil Murphy of his sole constitutional authority to certify revenues into the state treasury begins in earnest today

Analysis:Sin taxes’ are unlikely to deliver revenue bonanza to NJ

Jersey City wanted to decriminalize marijuana. You’ll be surprised at who shot that down

BPU, normally moving at a glacial clip, takes a leadership role now that Murphy wants a fast track to clean energy

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