Murphy Administration Releases Proposed Graduation Requirements after a False Start

Yesterday we highlighted the release of new proposed graduation rules from the NJDOE and laid out what they meant for Murphy’s wider approach to education policy.Then we updated the post when the Save Our Schools NJ mysteriously pulled it’s update, likely because the Murphy administration planned a formal rollout at an Atlantic City press conference. But today, everything old is new again, with Save Our Schools NJ releasing an only slightly adapted version of yesterday’s deleted statement:

BREAKING!! BREAKING!! BREAKING!! BREAKING!! The Murphy Administration has proposed new graduation regulations to the…

Posted by Save Our Schools New Jersey on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

For parents concerned that their children are overtested, this is good news. It’s a pragmatic move that’s unlikely to garner major controversy but still takes real steps to address the concerns of parents. For those concerned that Murphy’s adminstration is being boxed in by the legislature, it’s a bit of a flub. Unfortunate timing for Murphy’s administration to be flubbing a rollout, even a small one, as George Norcross attacked Murphy’s inner circle in an interview with Matt Friedman. The Murphy administration is going to need to be particularly on top of its game to nip this narrative in the bud, otherwise they risk taking the fall for the either skirmishes between Murphy and South Jersey.


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