Mikie Sherrill’s College Town Hall

Eileen, who lives in Sparta, will be studying Russian at Georgetown U.. Mikie Sherrill was a Russian policy advisor when she was in the Navy. Promoted by Rosi.

I’m an 18 year old rising Freshman at Georgetown University; part of the so-called “woke” generation. My mom, a late baby boomer believes we are going to save the country. You know, just a little bit of pressure considering the mess we’re in.

The engagement of millennials like myself at Mikie’s Sherrill’s recent College Town Hall not only inspires me, but also reassures me. It makes the pressure feel a little less daunting. The room was packed and for an hour. Intelligent, thoughtful questions flooded the room and were fielded by candidate Sherrill. From Parkland, Florida to Sussex County New Jersey, young people are finally becoming actively engaged in the political process.

Mikie is running in CD11. Never did I believe Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen would be replaced. I was a lucky witness to the woman who changed that. Her biography as a Navy Helicopter pilot and her hard work campaigning in my district forced him out of the race. But that’s not what makes me so excited about Mikie. It’s the litany of policy positions she has taken that young people care so deeply about.

  • Mikie supports gun safety measures to protect kids in school
  • Mikie supports better access to healthcare (like many millennials, I’m concerned I won’t be able to stay on my parent’s healthcare plan if the ACA continues to be dismantled)
  • Mikie supports women’s reproductive rights (This goes without saying; every 18 year old female should be concerned about her reproductive rights)
  • Mikie supports the Gateway Tunnel and infrastructure projects (chances are, many in my generation will be commuting to jobs in metropolitan areas)
  • Mikie supports college loan reform. (I mentioned I’m a rising college freshman right?)

We are the “ woke” generation because we are are tired of “feel good” politicians who claim to “work across the aisle” as they sell out our future. Enough of this. We aren’t going to “hope” for the best. We plan to build our future.  Mikie Sherrill gets it. She had my very first vote in June’s primary and she will have my very second vote via Vote by Mail ballot from Georgetown University this fall. Get your VBMs now!

Below, Eileen Huhn and Buddy Al-Aydi with Mikie Sherrill








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