Menendez to Pompeo: “If President Obama did what President Trump did in Helsinki I’d be peeling you off the Capitol ceiling…”

Below, brief video of Menendez and Pompeo. Plus link to the full hearing and full Menendez remarks.

Mike Pompeo went before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday. This was Congress’ first formal opportunity to question a Trump Cabinet member about what the hell happened in Helsinki. Trump’s 2-hour private meeting with President Putin – as a federal investigation is indicting Russian nationals for interfering in the very election that installed Trump to the White House – is alarming. As was the bizarre Helsinki presser. And the White House week of contradictions & chaos. Nobody at senior levels seems to know what Trump agreed to. And even Republicans are feeling the strain of Trump’s dark incompetence:

“The administration tells us, ‘Don’t worry, be patient. There’s a strategy here.’ But from where we sit, it appears that in a ‘ready-aim-fire’ fashion, the White House is waking up every morning and making it up as they go.”      – Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), Chair, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

As Ranking Member, Sen. Menendez questioned Pompeo first – the fieriest moments of a dramatic hearing, during which Pompeo appeared to frame his answers with politics uppermost, not his responsibility to the nation or to congressional oversight. He was defensive and evasive. Frankly, like he was just there to save his own neck, and Trump’s. And over and over, the Secretary didn’t seem to know what the hell he was talking about.

C-SPAN video. Full hearing (3 hrs).
Note: Sen. Menendez questions to Pompeo begin at mark 7:40

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