Massive protest against Trump in UK – 100,000 in the streets of London

People’s Motorcade goals! 

There are by some reports 100,000 people in the streets, shouting ‘DUMP TRUMP! DUMP TRUMP! DUMP TRUMP!’ This is being live-streamed by news outlets around the world, with their own commentary. British people who object not only to Trump’s policies and their impact on Europe, but his very presence in their capital city, have planned this protest for months. It’s gratifying as hell. This isn’t, as a friend of mine said, us being butt hurt that we lost an election; this is an indication of worldwide repudiation. And Trump has been an ungracious guest. Last night, like a scene from a Tom Clancy movie, during dinner with Prime Minister Theresa May and about 150 business leaders, people’s cell phones began going off all over the hall as a bombshell Trump interview with the Sun hit the news, in which Trump was harshly critical of May, endorsed her rival, and criticized UK’s approach to immigration, which is more welcoming and the opposite of his. Trump’s words were clear racist white supremacist dog-whistles, how immigration is “changing the fabric of Europe,” and “losing your culture.” Code language for, Your country’s white, blond and blue-eyed, Why would you fuck with that? Faced with his own words, Trump both fake-apologized and cried fake news. Trump, avoiding London and the protests, thoughtlessly left Melania in the city. Classy.

Even MPs are questioning why this president should have access to their Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle, despite a petition with two million signatures requesting the meeting not be allowed. But see her he will. And the Trump Baby balloon is in the air.

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