Malinowski on MSNBC: “The Democratic Party is now the party of patriotism … and law enforcement.”

On Morning Joe today, Malinowski was all broad strokes and party loyalty. He drew a bright line between his party and the party of Trump, saying Democrats now represent patriotism and respect for law enforcement. That skips right over some of the history that both law enforcement and the intelligence services have of human rights violations, war crimes, and acting to topple governments (intel services) or shooting unarmed innocent people (law enforcement). But I’m not sure it’s reasonable to expect anything different from a congressional candidate but broad strokes in a 5-minute star turn on national teevee. So, I give that a pass (for now).

He was also asked why – as Republicans charge – nothing was done about Russian interference when it was known during the Obama administration. Malinowski puts the blame on Mitch McConnell, who he says blocked a bi-partisan statement, needed so the complaint didn’t look political. Pressed on that, he said it was “very difficult” to act when there was no bipartisanship behind it.

Here’s where Malinowski lost me, in this convo: Asked where he is in the ‘civil war’ inside the Dem Party – with progressives like Ocasio-Cortez? or Pelosi in the center? – CD7’s Dem nominee punted, said the “midterms aren’t about changing this country but about saving it” and downplayed even the idea of “minor debates inside the Dem Party on economic policy”. I was unimpressed with that answer – even given the ‘broad strokes’ proviso above. And I get the sense the guy asking that question was too; it was Eddie S. Glaude Jr., chair of the Center for African-American Studies at Princeton University. Glaude talked about the calamities ‘everyday ordinary workers’ are experiencing, and Malinowski went on about ‘national emergency.’ Yeah I get the emergency. But I think if we don’t present a vision for voters that shows direction, something positive, our success may be limited. It can’t be all Trump and national emergency. We tried. It was called 2016; it blew up in our face.

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  1. zoe bleck

    Look, Malinowski is more centrist than I am,but I don’t think he was blowing off Glaude, rather saying let’s just get on with it, not focus on internal differences among Dems–the media wants this to be a story, but getting people elected is the most important thing.

  2. vmars

    When weren’t we the party of patriotism and law enforcement?

    The difference is, we were the party that believed part of patriotism was holding ourselves to a high civic and moral standard, and that law enforcement didn’t mean just backing police no matter what, especially when they broke the laws they’re supposed to enforce.

    The problem is the country lost the fact that patriotism and law enforcement are complex, hard concepts that have to be constantly considered and worked on to maintain validity. When we turned the two into bumper stickers and 30 second commercials we lost some of both.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      BRAVA, vmars.


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