CD7: Tom Malinowski’s 10 guiding principles. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

On Independence Day, CD7 Dem nominee Tom Malinowski posted the following 10 principles he says he wrote up with friends after the 2016 election; things he says all patriotic Americans, both Ds & Rs, should agree on and fight to protect. Hardly as specific or as progressive as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ clear, concise platform – but I don’t think they were intended to be; they’re general guidelines. I should point out that somewhere between Principles #6,#7 & #8, Malinowski still tweeted out his support for Donald Trump’s April air strikes on Syria, within hours of the bombing, and apparently before determining whether Trump’s actions were unconstitutional, illegal, or an attempt by Trump to evade oversight by the very U.S. Congress to which Malinowski wants to be electedSighhhhh. Well, this is why we ask hard questions of our candidates, why we push them to be better (Melania says “Be best!”). This is why the hard questions. And in case you’re wondering: Yup. I live in CD7, and Malinowski gets my vote in November. Because in terms of fighting back against the stranglehold Republicans have on my country, he’s electable, vastly better than Leonard Lance, and reachable for corrective criticism when he makes a misstep like the one above (IMO). At least that’s what I’m going to hold him to.

Below, Malinowski’s 10 guiding principles. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

1. We treasure the Constitution of the United States and the rights it guarantees, including freedom of speech, religion and the press, and equality before the law.

2. We insist that no one in America is above the law, and that the rule of law be protected by independent courts, prosecutors, and a Justice Department that act without partisan bias or political interference.

3. We hold that all men and women are created equal, and reject any statements or policies that denigrate, divide or deny the humanity of people because of their race, faith, sex, where they were born, or whom they love.

4. We’re always moving forward but leave no one behind, believing every child should have opportunity; every senior should have security; and those with the most have responsibilities to those with the least.

5. We expect our leaders to demonstrate integrity, honor, and humble service, and to work for the common good, not personal gain, preventing private interests and foreign powers from unduly influencing our government.

6. We argue with ideas, not insults or violence, seeking truth from verifiable facts; likewise, we count on our leaders to compete with civility and respect for the institutions and rules of American democracy.

7. We defend our communities and our country with confidence in the values that distinguish us from our enemies, always respecting the liberties and laws we fight fiercely to protect.

8. We keep our international commitments, work with our allies to keep the world safe, and believe that our truest friends in the world are the people and governments that share our democratic and constitutional values.

9. We hold accountable the leaders we elect while honoring the dedication of all Americans who serve our country as members of the military and law enforcement officers, as civil servants and as office holders.

10. We are citizens, not subjects; the government we have is the government we elect; so to build a more perfect union, we must participate in civic life and own the decisions we make.

Twitter: @Malinowski
Facebook: Tom Malinowski for Congress

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  1. Geo Chalker

    All conjecture, I do not see any real-time solutions to integrate our society so that all are created equal before the law, having access to healthcare, education, healthy food and housing. Why can’t Malinowski use the words Medicare for All, Free Tuition, End de facto Segregation, etc. If there is going to be a REAL New Deal, he has to use the terms. He does not deserve to get my vote until I hear that he has the verbiage to stand up against the GOP. I want to hear why my candidate is different than what the GOP is offering, otherwise why vote at all?

    1. Bertin Lefkovic

      Better to put Malinowski in office now, Geo, but let him know early on that regardless of how he votes, he is going to get a more progressive primary election challenger in 2020, so he might as well vote as progressively as possible, because he is not going to be able to sell bad votes for nearly enough campaign cash to make up for the beating he is going to get in 2020 over those bad votes.

  2. Marianne Rampulla

    Geo, these are guiding principles and are not meant to be policy/solutions. The website has more details about solutions.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      True, Marianne. But he just posted them yesterday, and made clear they were important to him. So they’re open for discussion as a way of understanding his values, positions, and intentions.

      As to the things Geo brought up, you suggest Tom’s website for more detail. But there’s nothing I see there on education, and Tom is not for Medicare for All, free tuition, or anything else I see Geo bring up, That’s OK; if that’s where Tom is, so be it. We’re both aware DCCC is guiding its recruited candidates, for better or worse. But since, Tom posted these principles, it shouldn’t be a surprise if people are going over them for clues to the man.


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