CD2: Well, you knew this was coming.


Roll Call has just shifted New Jersey’s CD2 open seat to Lean Democratic.

This, after it came to light a few days ago that GOP nominee Seth Grossman likes white supremacy websites, and shared a post from one calling black people a “threat to all who cross their paths.”  The arm of the Republican Party charged with electing GOP House candidates dropped him like a hot potato after that. Curious, given that while individual Republicans have distanced themselves from Trump’s worst race remarks, Republican Party officialdom seems to have no similar beef with our white supremacist-enabling Republican president, or anti-Semites and racists running in state contests. And apparently racist Grossman is too racist to join even seated House Republicans running for re-election in Trump’s racist footsteps.

Van Drew

Curious, that. Somehow little Seth Grossman, come from nowhere as a former Atlantic County freeholder, is beyond the NRCC’s tolerance for prejudice? Really? It’s not a low bar. Does the power of the South Jersey Democratic machine, of which Democratic nominee Jeff Van Drew is a chief asset, extend into the Republican machinery down in CD2? Seth Grossman’s implosion seems right on time, a decent interval having passed since the NJ primary and Grossman locked in as the GOP’s man.

This race, barring something explosive, is a done deal. Jeff Van Drew, a Democrat in Name Only (except for membership in the Norcross orbit, but that was never about Democratic values anyway), and an A-plus rated NRA candidate, will flip this district, and will go to Congress. And that means 17% of New Jersey’s congressional delegation – 29% of its Dem House members – will be beholden to George Norcross for their spot in Washington.

Congratulations to Jeff Van Drew. As for us, we have work to do.

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  1. NJBlech

    Actually Roll Call changed the seat from leans Democratic to likely Democratic. This means, as this article also points out, that the race is a done deal. The race was largely a done deal the day LoBiondo announced his retirement. LoBiondo is aligned with the Norcrosses (see 27 Jan. 2015 Courier Post article “Norcross adapts to ‘different atmosphere,'” by William Sokolic) and thus never had a serious campaign ran against him by the Dems. Even if the Republicans had nominated someone other than Grossman, a serious well-funded campaign likely would not have been run against Van Drew, as too many Republicans likely wanted to see the Norcross-backed candidate win (something few would admit in public but see below for exception). Noted South Jersey Republicans that have been reported to be aligned with the Norcross South Jersey machine include Ocean County’s George Gilmore (see 2 Dec. 2016 Ocean County Politics article “Why Norcross company’s public contracts are hidden from the public” by Gavin Rozzi) and Atlantic County’s Dennis Levinson (see 22 Aug. 2017 AC Press article”George Norcross wants to help Atlantic City, and that’s making some local leaders nervous” by Nicholas Huba and Erin Serpico). Van Drew’s Republican opponent from 2011, attorney Dave DeWeese, has already endorsed Van Drew for Congress (see 6 Jul. 2018 Save Jersey article NJ 02: Former GOP rival DeWeese to host fundraiser for Democrat Van Drew). (“Choosy attorneys choose JIF contracts over party loyalty” is a good line to explain DeWeese’s about face.) Nationally Van Drew’s election will put the Dems one member closer to taking back the House. As for the District, little will change as Van Drew will be most similar to LoBiondo, although, if Van Drew’s votes in the state legislature are any indication, he may be worse on environmental issues.


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