Breathe a touch easier: Scott Pruitt has resigned the EPA

Impossible to prove causation, but right now I’m lifting up this Sidwell Friends School teacher who confronted EPA chief Scott Pruitt at a restaurant, and told him to resign before his scandals pushed him out. It’s really those scandals, and not Kristin Mink’s daring to walk up to and dress down a powerful stranger, that took him down. But this week, of beautiful women who climb the Statue of Liberty, and beautiful women who hound Scott Pruitt, I’m liking America’s chances to recover from this disgrace of a White House and Congress.

Scott Pruitt has resigned as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Hallelujah.

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  1. deciminyan

    Pruitt’s resignation means nothing for the environment. His replacement will be just as destructive and will have the added “benefit” of not being immersed in scandals. As with most other things, the only way to reverse the Trump destruction is to elect a Democratic Congress in ’18 and a Democratic president in ’20.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)


      But I disagree. You’re right that the Trump/GOP factory will churn out another in the mold. A chief in charge of the environment with a mission to de-emphasize the environment and leave chunks of it unprotected and vulnerable to tycoonery. But I’d argue today’s resignation is significant, in that it
      – spotlights the woman who confronted him, and encourages more of us be as bold as she
      – spotlights his outrageous disrespect of the taxpayers’ dollar, when it comes to treating himself with luxuries
      – does draw attention to the damage he & they have done

      It’s a small thing, a limited scope thing when compared to the deconstruction that’s going on on the watch of these people. But a nothingburger, it’s not. I encourage everyone to take this opportunity to make a small donation if you can, or a big one if you must to the environmental organization of your choice.

  2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    FYI – This from Frank Pallone, Energy & Commerce Ranking Member:

    “Scott Pruitt’s resignation was long overdue. He repeatedly violated the law, abused his position to enrich himself, and wasted taxpayer money. Showing no shame, Pruitt continually refused to take responsibility for these failures, blaming everybody except himself, including his staff, security detail, and his critics. Pruitt created a culture of corruption at EPA that has never been seen before in a federal agency, and for months President Trump idly stood by and allowed him to do further harm.

    “Pruitt’s legal and ethical failures have overshadowed the Trump Administration’s reckless assault on human health and the environment. The Trump EPA continues to undo critical health protections that safeguard our communities from dangerous chemicals and ensure Americans have safe drinking water and clean air.

    “I’m concerned that the Trump Administration’s assault on human health and the environment will continue long past Pruitt’s departure from EPA.”


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