Bob Menendez & Bill Pascrell on Trump’s private meeting with Putin in Helsinki – and the “only other American in the room”

With President Trump trying – and failing – now to walk back his disastrous appearance with Russian President Vladimir Putin, better leaders want to put some questions to Marina Gross, the U.S. interpreter for Trump’s meeting with Putin on Monday. In a letter to Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy, chair of House Oversight and Government Reform, Pascrell refers to Gross as “the only other American in the room and so the sole reliable witness to the conversation between the two world leaders.” Pascrell is asking that Gross be called to testify publicly before the committee and that she be compelled to do so by subpoena.

Bob Menendez, for his part, also wants notes and documentation about what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may know about what was said – or agreed to – in that meeting. Here was Sen. Menendez on Morning Joe today, a morning that also featured NJ7 Dem nominee Tom Malinowski, discussing another angle to the Russia story:

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