” … a dangerous man, and one who ought not be trusted … “

Bumped. Yesterday, two friends of mine from the Central Jersey Phil Murphy swears exists stopped on their vacation at the Schuyler Mansion, home of the sweet, sharp and sassy Schuyler sisters [WERK!], one of whom married Alexander Hamilton in the family parlor. It was a coincidence my friends didn’t realize at the time; it was the 214th anniversary of Hamilton’s death by duel with Aaron Burr in a secluded, craggy part of the 1804 hamlet of Weehawken, not far from our own homes, as Wikipedia Brown tells us. – Rosi

Just 214 years ago today, at the heights of Weehawken, less than a mile from where the Weehawken Municipal Court now stands above a tunnel named for a president not yet born back then, Aaron Burr mortally wounded Alexander Hamilton with a lead ball fired by Hamilton’s own dueling pistol.

The duel these men undertook was precipitated in part by Hamilton’s failure, when directly confronted, to deny calling Burr, “a dangerous man, and one who ought not be trusted with the reins of government,” along with other things lost to history, which were apparently WORSE. If you’ve ever heard Lin-Manuel Miranda rhyme about him, you know that Hamilton was unquestionably the most talented of the founding fathers who never became president: in part because he died young, and in part because of an infidelity scandal that was nearly charming by comparison to any subsequent one. But, Burr was downright fascinating and may go down in history inextricably comparable to our current President, who many think is dangerous and untrustworthy. Burr, as vice-president, presided over the first-ever impeachment trial in the United States Senate, that of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase, and was thought to comport himself as President of the Senate with fairness. Later, he was one of the first persons to be tried for TREASON – when he was accused, as the sitting vice-president, of attempting to take part of the Louisiana Purchase for his own enrichment.

Depending on whom one asked he was either raising his own army or doing so in conspiracy with Spain for the purposes of this seizure. The charges were dismissed, in part, because his main accuser admitted that a letter that was alleged to have set forth the conspiracy wasn’t the ACTUAL letter, but a copy HE made from his memory of the ACTUAL letter. Our current President could only hope for such an epic fail with the Steele Dossier. The accusations of self-interest on Burr’s part are quaint by modern standards, save for the Treason accusations which were never proven and of dubious merit.

But, Jim Comey HAS called Trump a liar. I’m not at all in favor of violence, but perhaps Comey and Trump could settle this with Nerf guns at dawn on the National Mall. Either way, my coin is on Comey.

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