5 at 5: Frank Pallone will take 5 questions at 5pm

At 5 pm today, Rep. Frank Pallone will take 5 questions that people submit on his Facebook page (I’ve submitted a question, and might add another one). This is something he’s trying, and might make a regular weekly thing, so to encourage him – and other of our congressional reps – I hope you’ll consider submitting a question. Pallone already does a Facebook Live just about every Friday.

5 at 5 – Ask your questions on Frank Pallone’s Facebook, he’ll answer 5 at 5pm

Watch the video Pallone recorded for Blue Jersey about his visit to Elizabeth Detention Center

A few days ago, Rep. Frank Pallone recorded an 8-minute video at our request about what he saw and heard on Father’s Day when he and some of his colleagues paid a visit to the Elizabeth Detention Center. They brought with them signed permission papers from detainees and their lawyers. It’s extraordinary to me that 7 members of the House of Representatives were denied anything at a facility operated by the federal Department of Homeland Security. But they were; they were kept waiting for 2 hours, and their cell phones were confiscated, and no cameras allowed in. Rep. Joaquin Castro [D-TX] has a bill to allow greater access to federal facilities for members of Congress, to which both Rep. Don Norcross (turned away trying to visit a facility in his district) and Sires have both now signed on.





On frequent Fridays, Rep. Frank Pallone goes out on Facebook Live, talking about whatever’s on his desk and calendar that week, and taking questions that came in advance, or are posted in the Comments.

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