Weekend News Roundup for June 9-10, 2018

Won’t. even. look. her. in. the. eye. Angela Merkel speaks to Trump during the G7 summit in Quebec. (Front row: WH National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow, British PMTheresa May, French Presidentl Macron, Merkel, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, WH national security adviser John Bolton.). Photo: AP

It’s not enough that we piss of Europe, we have to piss off Canada, too. Trump says U.S. will not sign a joint communique with the other G-7 countries, an abrupt reversal after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed opposition to Trump’s trade policies at the summit. Tweeter-in-chief took to social media yesterday to complain

Games of nuclear chicken with a chickenhawk president: What to watch as Trump heads to the historic North Korean summit

Judge orders EPA chief Scott Pruitt to provide evidence for his claims that human are  not the primary cause of climate change


Roll Call moves NJ-5 off the competitive list to Solid Democratevaluating John McCann a weak GOP opponent

Buh-bye Rodney. This powerful NJ Republican could have voted to block drilling off the Jersey shore. He didn’t.

Timing is everything: CD7 nominee Tom Malinowski called for Rep. Leonard Lance to oppose Trump’s move to stop defending provisions in the ACA from lawsuits alleging they are unconstitutional, but Lance already had, and it was published 3 hours before Malinowski’s call.

Reorg: Hudson Democrats chair Vincent Prieto slapped with lawsuit by allies of Brian Stack

Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., who spent the last 18 months trying to force Donald Trump to release his tax returns, now wants to go after the president’s power to pardon.


Where’s your Governor? At North Jersey Pride in Maplewood at 1:15pm, then to Paramus for a “Celebrate Israel @70” event at Jewish Federation fo Northern New Jersey.


(Bridgegate (likely) unindicted co-conspirator Chris Christie opens law firm in Morris County, and Rudy Giuliani is sending him clients

Trump approves federal aid to NJ following winter storms

Ammosexuals: Hey NRA, people don’t need to own an Uzi, AK-47 or AR-15 (Trenton Times editorial)

Caroline Casagrande, who got a job in Trump’s State Dept. after losing her Assembly seat to Houghtaling and Downey 3 years ago, also just lost her seat on the Colts Neck GOP County Committee in a landslide

Get ready for 5 months of this




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