Weekend News Roundup for June 2-3, 2018


CD2 Dem Tanzie Youngblood talks to a voter in a Vineland diner. Bryan Anselm for The New York Times

Democrats outnumber Republicans by 800,000 in New Jersey. So you’d think the DCCC would let Dems pick our own nominees in Tuesday’s primary, like it’s supposed to work. But the Democratic Party still insists on pre-selecting its own top-down choices, and re-litigating the 2016, making very early decisions to shun candidates whose views put them in the Bernie Sanders wing of the party and elevate those they think have ‘broader appeal’. They did this in 4 of the 5 Republican districts in NJ, before any primary votes were cast. Progressives have every right to complain the Democratic Party won’t let go of the internal feud for party direction that divided us, and will use their might & resources, like in 2016, to make sure it comes out the way they want. Legitimate complaints about DCCC’s decisions in NJ is getting national attention. This New York Times piece by Nick Corasaniti hit like a bomb Friday in NJ, particularly in CD2.

CD2: Tanzie Youngblood picks up support from potential 2020 contender Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) in her primary fight against DCCC-fairy dusted frontrunner and Norcross asset Jeff Van Drew, with his A-Rating from the NRA.

Menendez predicts a wave year, but is less sure we’ll take back the House

Dover First: About 70% of Dover’s 18,000 population is Latino, but there’s only one Latino alderman on the 9-member board. So Morris County Dems dropped Mayor James Dodd’s slate of mostly white candidates and gave the line to a slate led by longtime Dover Latino leader Ed Correa – a full slate of challenges for 22 of the 24 seats in an effort to depose Democratic Municipal Chairman James Visioli, a Dodd ally and alderman.Go Ed! 

CD11: In final days, CD11 primary becomes a ‘Who Hates Trump Most’ contest

U.S. Senate: Star-Ledger (actually the clunkier-named NJ Advance Media for NJ.com) predicts a nasty Menendez-Hugin race. They’re right.


Stormy Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, is contending that she was coerced and threatened into signing a non-disclosure agreement about her affair with Donald Trump just days before the 2016 presidential election. How might that go? Listen to audio of Michael Cohen making legal threats to a reporter for Trump. Complete with f-bombs. Extra gross because he’s claiming Trump couldn’t have raped Ivana Trump because …it’s not possible for rape to occur between spouses.

Political prankster and Nixon nemesis Dick Tuck dead at 94. Gotta admire this guy, who found entirely legal ways to torture and make even more paranoid Nixon, who used to be the worst president we ever had. Hat/tip Jeff Selbst.

“It was like talking to a toddler.” That’s what one parent whose 14-year-old daughter was shot dead at Santa Fe High School in Texas says about her conversation with President Donald Trump, as he met privately with some of the parents of students killed in the May 18 school shooting.

State party chair John Currie says he’s all in for Cory Booker 2020, and NJ Democrats will travel the country for him. He was introducing Booker, who obliged with his love versus hate speech, which they’ll love in Iowa & New Hampshire.

Baby blankets ’n coffins. The 7 brand new trademarks China just gave Ivanka Trump include: baby blankets, wallpaper, perfume, furniture, and coffins. All with her face on the labels. Don’t worry, Trump twisted the federal gubmint some so daughter could sell her crap.



FEATURED PHOTO: Trenton Makes bridge with its new LED lights, photo by Michael Mancuso. More here.

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