Summer Solstice News Roundup for Thursday, June 21, 2018

It’s Summer, as of 6:07 am. 


Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman reads the riot act to Steve Sweeney on the budget dispute with Murphy. Formally. By letter. With a warning. And from experience.


Republicans get their talking points: The GOP & Webber go to saddle Mikie Sherrill as “agent of the Murphy and Menendez teams”. Say the people bravely speaking out silent on Trump’s monstrous treatment of migrant kids.

Yes, the 2018 midterms will all be about Trump. Here’s proof.

One of these things is better than the other: Paul Ryan does a big $$ funder for Tom MacArthur. Andy Kim does a low $$ get together, and 200 people come.

George Norcross hosts Steve Sweeney for a funder in Mt. Laurel and raises $1.5 million for South Jersey Dems-connected General Majority PAC

32BJ pressures Bob Hugin for specifics on his position on Trump’s treatment of migrant children

Guess things are different with Daddy Chris Christie gone: Morris County GOP’s new chair tells his candidates the party has no money, things are complicated with the GOP county clerk, and the consultant  he hired isn’t well-received. Morris County is in play.


When the Dem Party’s processes aren’t transparent, you get problems a lot worse than SJ Assemblyman Barclay resigning because he broke his girlfriend’s nose (alleged). Camden County Dems, How about instead of a back room appointment we have a open, transparent process? With public input?

Vacancies common on South Jersey school boards

Wall Twp agrees to ay $1.25 million to ex-employee who said co-workers targeted him for anti-Semitism; left Nazi propaganda on his desk, called him ‘Jewbacca’.


Trump claimed his policy of separating migrant kids from parents wasn’t his policy, but someone else’s fault. But after days of mass revulsion as America saw what he was doing, a disastrous presser by his Homeland Security chief, and nationwide protests, Trump signs exec order ending it – which won’t fix the damage he’s already done. But before then, he went to see Paul Ryan on the Hill, and as he and his entourage walked in, a congressional intern shouted, ‘Mr. President, F*ck You!’

Bruce Springsteen interrupts his Broadway show to speak frankly to the audience about the “disgracefully inhumane and un-American scenes at the border”. And then he sings The Ghost of Tom Joad

Protests against Trump’s treatment of migrant kids all over NJ. This was Freehold

Steve Schmidt, born & raised in North Plainfield, leaves the Republican Party.

Ex-employee of ‘prison-like’ migrant detention center on the kids inside: Children were running away, screaming, throwing furniture and attempting suicide.

Hank Kalet details the coarsening of language in the Trump / Sessions immigration policy; they’re not even speaking of the people they’re damaging as humans anymore

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