Steve Schmidt, Jersey born & raised, just left the Republican Party.

Steve Schmidt, a top strategist in the Republican Party, campaign manager of John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign and veteran of George W. Bush’s campaign, left the Republican Party at 2:41am this morning, on Twitter.

Five years ago, Schmidt said he “deeply regretted” helping to create the “freak show” wing of the GOP by unleashing Sarah Palin onto the national scene. And Trump is Palin stupidity manifested into White House power. Also 5 years ago, Schmidt came back to his home state of New Jersey to help the marriage equality movement here, signaling both the degree to which gay rights had found acceptance by some in his party, and also that some Republicans were capable of a higher understanding of family values than just talking about it.

Schmidt was born and raised here, in North Plainfield; Eagle Scout, high school football star, National Honor Society, voted Most Likely to Succeed at North Plainfield HS.  This was Steve Schmidt at 2:41am this morning:

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