Statement on the Budget from New Jersey Progressive Women

TV truck from Working Families, reminds that Sweeney used to be for millionaires tax. Photo: Insider NJ

Here’s why I signed this letter:
It is the responsibility of state government to raise revenue, and the Legislative leadership is well aware that both a slight bump in sales tax and the millionaires tax would do that. In the years Senate President Steve Sweeney was Christie’s handmaiden, he defiantly nonetheless bucked the Governor on a millionaires tax – sending it to Christie’s desk 5 times. That was right. But this time, when passing it is clearly a reality, he’s against it – in fact makes a mockery of it by counter-proposing a mega-millionaires tax, for only those hauling in $5 million/year. It’s an unserious move, exposing Sweeney chucking his responsibility in favor of trying to play muscle-man in some imagined cage fight of alpha males. I am sick of it. New Jersey’s wealthy just got a tax break from President Trump; this is the right time to put in a millionaires tax (the real one, not Sweeney’s joke version), it’s doable, and it’s progressive. Further, NJ’s Legislative leadership – all Democrats – know it.

Read through these women who signed. These are the badass women that make it happen in NJ, who know what’s right, and will buck authority to do what’s right. My sisters; I’m proud to be in their company. I await, and demand, both sides get serious. We’re hours from deadline. Tick, Tick … BOOM. And if the legislators force us into shutdown, not only will that harm our citizens, it will have a corrosive effect on our common goal to take back Congress: What message are you showing NJ voters when either way you look at it, it’s Democrats who bring our government to a standstill? Get. this. right.

Statement on the Budget from New Jersey Progressive Women

TRENTON- In response to the Senate and Assembly Leadership’s counter budget proposal, which includes a “Mega Millionaires Tax” that fails to meet the needs of the state, a group of over 60 progressive women leaders issued the following statement:

“As members of the progressive community and leaders in our state, we are profoundly disappointed in Democratic leadership and their continued insistence on protecting and promoting the interests of millionaires over our communities and families. The tiny ‘mega-millionaires tax’ proposed today is merely ornamental. It leaves a gaping hole in our budget and and it’s an insult to our communities. We reject the assertion of Senate and Assembly Leadership that this farcical proposal lives up to anyone’s progressive values, and instead denounce these legislators for failing to represent the interests of their constituents or even fellow legislators. Their irresponsible actions have set us on the path towards a state government shutdown that will lock out tens of thousands of workers, and denies services to the public. The fact that the Senate has cancelled it’s session tomorrow is more proof that the fault for such a state shutdown will lie squarely at the feet of the ‘Democratic’ legislature.”

Alison Arne, Action Together New Jersey, Atlantic County
Analilia Mejia, New Jersey Working Families Alliance
Amy Higer, SOMA Action
Ann Vardeman, New Jersey Citizen Action
Anna Wong, Individual NJ 5th District
Atiya Boone
Ayesha Mughal, Central Jersey DSA
Carol Gaye, New Jersey State Industrial Union Council
Carolyn Wade, CWA Local 1040
Catherine Brienza, Ridgewood Jolt
Collette Thompson, Community Baptist Church, Englewood
Darlene M. Smith J.D.
Deb Huber, National Organization for Women, NJ Chapter
Diana Mejia, Wind of the Spirit
Dolores Phillips, CWA Local 1089
Doris Lin, Progressive Caucus of NJDSC
Dr. Melani Wilkins
Elizabeth Meyer
Erin Chung, Women for Progress
Estina Baker, CWA District 1
Francine Ehret, CWA District 1
Grace Griffin, Community Baptist Church, Englewood
Hetty Rosenstein, CWA District 1
Janice Fine
Jessica Shaw, SOMA Action
Joan Jones, Community Baptist Church, Englewood
Karen White, AAUP
Karol Yorlany Ruiz, Esq., Wind of the Spirit
Lena Smith, Food and Water Watch
Lenace Edwards, 32BJ SEIU
Lillian Duggan, Westfield 20/20
Lillian Hawkins, SOMA Action
Linda Walker, Community Baptist Church, Englewood
Lizette Delgado, Vice Chair of the Democratic Party
Lizzie Foley
Lucye Millerand, URA- AFT 1766
Marci Bendelli, Westfield 20/20
Marcia Marley, Blue Wave NJ
Maura Collinsgru, New Jersey Citizen Action
Melanie Vasa, North Jersey DSA
Moira Nelson, Action Together New Jersey
Mrs. Andrea Boone
Mrs. Dianne Ellison-Smith, Community Baptist Church Englewood
Mrs. Joan Boone, Bergen County NAACP
Ms. Alisa Smith, Community Baptist Church, Englewood
Ms. Carolyn Watson-Johnson, Watson-Johnson Dance Theater, Ewing
Ms. Cher’le Boone, Bergen County NAACP
Ms. Vanessa La Garde
Phyllis Salowe Kaye, New Jersey Citizen Action
Renee Koubiadis, Anti Poverty Network
Rev. Donna West, Mount Olive Baptist Church, Hackensack
Rev. Ella Hayes, Mount Olive Baptist Church, Hackensack
Rev. Dr. Carol Lynn Patterson, Calvary Baptist Church, Morristown
Robyn Gedrich
Rosi Efthim, Blue Jersey
Saily Avelenda, NJ 11th for Change
Sandra Gasque, Secretary of the Order of the Eastern Star, Hackensack
Sara Cullinane, Esq., Make the Road New Jersey
Sue Altman, South Jersey Women for Progressive Change
Trina Scordo, New Jersey Communities United
Winn Khuong, Action Together New Jersey

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