Primary Day Minus 1 News Roundup for Monday, June 4, 2018

Above, part of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, on display at Pride yesterday. For more on the Quilt, see Bill Orr’s Pride coverage below, and here is the quilt’s website.

This is America in 2018.

Chilling: Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s lawyer, says Trump could have shot former FBI director James Comey and not be prosecuted. Giuliani’s statement, apparently on behalf of his client Trump, is arguing the President can’t be indicted for murdering someone. And it echoes two things: (1) Trump’s campaign statement that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and not lose voters and (2) a 20-page letter sent by Trump lawyers (pre-Giuliani) to Mueller, making the argument that Trump couldn’t have obstructed the Russia probe because he is the top law enforcement officer and has authority over all federal investigation. Essentially, their argument is while he’s president he owns the FBI and Justice, and they can’t touch him – he can “terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon if he so desired.” To be sure, there is nuance in the legal arguments being made, and even in the statements of Trump’s loose cannon of a lawyer. Margaret Hartmann at  New York Magazine does a good job walking through that. But we’ve just slipped a little lot further down the rabbit hole, people.

This is the cost of decades of skillful, well-funded right-wing propaganda: Self-identified Fox News watchers overwhelmingly oppose the Mueller investigation by a 73-23 percent margin. This goes to the possibility that anything this investigation finds won’t be evaluated by millions of Americans as fact, but instead will be framed in their minds as unfair, unreasonable, and a personal attack on the President. CNN & MSNBC viewers’ response was a near inverse 79-18 support for Mueller’s investigation. Consumers of other news besides Fox also found a positive response to the probe. The Daily Beast has a deeper dive into the numbers, and Navigator, the organization that did the polling.

Primary Day Minus 1

New Jersey House primaries carry nationwide significance: New Jersey is fully targeted by the Democrats, with 5 of its seats under Republican control in this blue state, two Republicans stepping down – Frelinghuysen & LoBiondo – and a third, Leonard Lance in one of just 23 Republican districts nationwide where Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

If you haven’t read this already, you should read it now, this went off like a bomb in parts of NJ.  Nick Corasaniti’s Friday piece in the New York Times covering NJ progressive pushback on the Democratic Party’s top-down efforts, via DCCC, to jump in early and elevate moderate or center-right candidates and shun candidates whose views are more in line with the Bernie Sanders wing of the party. Quoting: “The result has left many progressives frustrated that the party is still engaged in an internal feud two years after the primary battle between Hillary Clinton and Mr. Sanders deeply divided Democrats — a feud that could alienate a slice of the party’s base in a year when Democrats will need stronger-than-usual turnout.”

Trenton mayoral race: At the mayoral debate, Assemblyman Reed Gusciora and his opponent Paul Perez took shots at each other, ended on a high note

CD5: Gottheimer made it official, he’s running for re-election


Tom Moran: Sweeney v. Murphy: The duel is arranged

Steve Sweeney’s determination to flex the muscle of the part of New Jersey government under his control, and what looks like a stubborn failure to grasp that another Democrat and not he is currently the governor, may lead us right into government shutdown.

Carl Golden on the bind Sweeney & Coughlin have Murphy in: Note to Governor: Take the Hint, and the Revised Revenue Estimates

Murphy picks a replacement for Caren Turner, the Port Authority Commish who resigned after throwing f-bombs at police officers in a traffic stop involving her daughter.

Governor signs nation’s strongest law on ‘surprise’ medical bills

Around New Jersey

Jersey Pride 2018 Bill Orr at Pride: Celebration, commercialism, politics and remembrance. – Scenes from Pride in Asbury Park and Phil Murphy, Cory Booker, Bob Menendez & Frank Pallone join the celebration

Race for Hudson County Democratic Chair too close to call: Stack vs. DeGise – by the numbers

Shutdown of the nation’s oldest commercial nuclear plant, Oyster Creek, will cost $1.4 Billion and take 60 years 

Why were 80 turtles found dead on the beach in Sea Isle City? 

Will this be the final straw that makes you leave Facebook? FB shared vast amounts your personal information with at least 60 companies that make our phone devices — including Amazon, Apple, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Samsung — over a decade.

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